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I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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I have sooo bragged that Vegas NEVER potties in the house, EVER!

I have been looking for a new comforter set and my girlfriend and I went out Monday shopping, I fell in LOVE with a nice silk beautiful set but it was over $200. Nope not right before Christmas, well my girlfriend called today and she was at the store and said it was 50% off!! I said Please get it for me and bring it straight over!!! She arrived about 20 min. ago, Oh I so love the set!! she had to get going and left.

I took it in the bedroom got it out of the plastic wrapping and kind of laid it out on the floor, so I could admire from afar...beautiful, until I look over at the corner and seen Vegas PEE all over it:eek:>.<>.<

After a few choice words to him :angry: I made him get out of my room. Let me remind you the 4 times we TRIED to have him sleep with us he peed in my bed so that was the end of that!!! That has been almost a year since our last try. I am so pissed, now I will have to take it to the drycleaners and it will probably end up being what it cost before the sale. I am beyond mad and he keeps trying to come up to me putting his head on my lap wanting petted. Uummm I think NOT right now if he knows what is good for him, Mommy needs to cool off!
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Oh my. So sorry. Wonder what he was thinking?
[MENTION=983]LariP[/MENTION] who knows, he NEVER pee's on anything, not his crate, blankets in his crate, nothing, It is baffeling and VERY annoying, my husband got home from work and I told him, he said Vegas is NEVER allowed in our bedroom AGAIN, (Yea that will happen, but I agree totally NOT in our bed!) How will I ever go to the bathroom in our bedroom without Vegas?
haha I have been there too many times! Before Mugsy grew out of his peeing on the bed phase the comforter was his fav spot and I would wash it like everyday I swear. 1 day I had just finished washing it and was about to put it on the bed when he went and peed on it again. That was his last time. I think he got so busted he learned after that. Dang dogs! Better you than me now tho.
I have a pretty pricey memory foam mattress and Bear has peed on the bedding few times and its got to the mattress. Just be glad you didn't have the stuff on the bed!!! Bad boy Vegas!!!! :bust::angry:

PS we still love you. :luv:
Boy, oh boy! What the heck gets into them? I wonder if it's something about the "sizing" on brand new things? Gertie and Ida both went in their new beds as soon as I put them in their crates. But, good news! Neither one has gone in their crates in three nights! Yah! Of course they no longer have their soft, comfy new beds either. I told them they were in BIG trouble and were only getting coal in their stockings. They've been good ever since. Maybe you should try that on Vegas. :yes:
Do you think it was such a bad thing to keep on punishing him ? Poor baby, the bed might be off limits but the floor :confused: you put it there.
o no!!!! lex peed in the bed twice after 2 butt bustings we never had a problem with him peeing in the bed again...
my girlfriend does the same thing when i put new sheets on the bed, strange (luckily she does not go on the site and wont see this), hahahaha that stinks, i'm sure i will have some similar stores when i get my dog, really looking forward to it :rolleyes:
I once read somewhere that dogs will do this to mark their spot. I looked it up because every time I bring home a new dog bed, one of them will get on it a pee. It baffled me until I found it on a site. Since you put it on the floor, maybe he was marking it.
"wow, this silk feels exquisite! i should probably have a pee on it." that is what vegas was thinking.

sorry [MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] :( have a drink!

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