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Feb 26, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names
After seeing [MENTION=2251]NJBullyMommy[/MENTION]'s thread with her husband's tattoo of Brutus..I figured I'd show off mine!!

It's on my left ankle (yes, my ankles are huge..hence why it fits, ha) and it took about 2.5 hours. I actually drew the design myself. I took it in and had the tattoo artist put it on my ankle! He did a few changes to it. I love it. :) I get comments on it all the time.

The pictures kind of stink. It's hard to take pictures of your own ankle at a good angle to show off a tattoo, lol.





Wow, pretty cool! 2.5 hours? Dumb question but, didn't that hurt?! I've been wanting to get a tattoo on my ankle too but something small b/c i don't like pain so much :)
Your tattoo's beautiful tho and i love the shot of Delilah next to tat!
[MENTION=1904]cali baker[/MENTION] Thanks for the compliment! And honestly, it wasn't so bad. It kind of feels like rubber bands lightly hitting you at first. Towards the end when he was doing all the detailing it did hurt pretty bad because my skin was already red and raw. He said he was surprised I could sit through 2.5 hours like that and not needing to break it into multiple sessions. Apparently a lot of people can't handle that, haha. I just wanted to get it done with. I have a pretty high pain tolerance from all the medical procedures I've had to deal with! :)
Great tat, and like the pic of Delilah next to you.
[MENTION=2150]MatildasMommy[/MENTION] I saw yours on facebook!! That's part of the reason I wanted to share as well.
Wow! I really like that :). I love the pic of Delilah laying next to it. lol. I better not show hubby...he just got two new ones a few weeks ago and he might decide he needs a bulldog too if he sees it. lol. I have a few tats but I really like the bulldog!
[MENTION=1906]GatorRay[/MENTION] ohh, what's another one? haha! :)

I thought about getting another one. But a bulldog is the only thing I can think of that I want permanently on my body. I'm thinking about a foot tattoo, but I've heard those are high maintenance.

My mom hates my tattoo so much. She's all, "you're going to regret it!!" I've had it planned out since I was 15 and I got it done when I was 19. I waited a year after I turned 18 to make sure I really wanted it, haha. And I did and I still love it! She thinks I'm "going to regret it on my wedding day in my wedding photos." won't even see it with the dress. Moms can be silly!
Thanks, [MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION]! No sense in being tattooed if there isn't anything you don't want permanently. I really thought mine through and I love it. I also like mine because I designed it myself and it's original!
What a great idea, a Bullie tat! I've been inked for many years. MANY years. Got my at 20, also after waiting 2 years cuz mom complained. she never said another word. My first was my family crest on right arm bicep. 5 years later, heart tat for daughter. Added details a few years ago. Went to Hawaii a few years ago and got a pirate tat on right leg calf. Next year going to Hawaii and getting a pirate skull ( the before and after matching tats.
And so not being one to object, all 4 kids have tats, wife has one across back of neck. She has a professional type of job.

So where to put the Bulldog tat?

Enjoyed the pics,
Good Day~
nice.. think i might have to do a tattoo for buddy when i get home.. the only draw back is placement.. there are only so many places you can tattoo you yourself... my whole upper thighs are covered in tattoos and its way to hard to tatoo any where else...

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