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Feb 17, 2011
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Hi all, I have been reading posts on here this morning since it has bee a while since I have been on. There seems to be a lot of problems with yeast infections and nose rope problems. [MENTION=1906]GatorRay[/MENTION] mentioned the "magic" stuff that I got from our vet when Tubs ended up with a bad yeast infection in his ears and under his nose rope. The "magic" stuff that we got from the vet is called MalAcetic Ultra. This stuff works so well that I don't have to even do daily cleanings anymore. I check him every day and give him a good cleaning every 1-2 weeks as a preventative, but every time I check him his nose rope is nice and white and dry and his ears are nice and clean...no ear "yuckies". Since getting this stuff all I have to do is wipe his butt after he poops and his eyes once in a while if he has eye gunkies. I even used it on his eye folds the other night because he looked like he was getting wet and irritated. They next morning he was all better (I did put animax on his one fold, so that helped too). I can't remember how much it was, but it has been well worth every penny! I will take a picture of the bottle later on today and post it so everyone can see what it looks like if you want to ask you vet about it....it also smells like vinegar and you bully will know as soon as you get it out and try to run the other way!!! Lol
003.jpgHere is the picture of the bottle of "magic" bulldog solution! :)
Thanks for the info. I looked it up and it's available online too!
Update: I just got my bottle in the mail today. I just put some on Wilsons paw that he was chewing (this was after I had washed it 3 times in a row with water and epsom salts) and he stopped the chewing! Crossing my fingers.
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I use the same brand but mine is Octic not ultra, it works great! I think I will try the ultra next time I run out :)
I have this stuff and I do like it. I use it weekly for Lucy's ears. @speechmom53 thanks for the tip--I'll use it on her folds if they get irritated. I never mind paying for products that work!!
You guys are expensive to have has friends. ha ha *goes to Amazon.com*........
does it work for brown stains under the chin from water and tear stains? They are driving me nuts - I clean Zeus every day and its just getting worse, not better.
does it work for brown stains under the chin from water and tear stains? They are driving me nuts - I clean Zeus every day and its just getting worse, not better.
It should. I actually use it when his folds by his eyes get wet and irritated. It dries everything up and helps with the irritation. When he is wet he does get a slight discoloration but that goes away too. I never used it under his neck, but that is a good idea to give it a try. Other members may have experiences with discoloration. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
I am using it right now in Gator's eye folds. Because of the season allergies that really played havoc with his eyes (hence the staples), it is pretty bad right now. The skin looks ok but the hair is very brown. I think the yeastiness is going away because he doesn't smell anymore but the stains are still there. This won't help much with old stains, I would think, but if there is yeast there, then it will help clear that part up. For non-yeasty stains, you can do peroxide. I just wipe it on and let it sit for a while and then dry.
I also use blueberry shampoo on Tubs' neck when I give him a bath, to help with the stains inder his neck. I got that from carolina pet pantry.
Thanks girls :-) I will start the peroxide today since Crystal Eyes has no effect on Zeus what-so-ever. It cleaned up my Pit Bulls stains and never came back - for the EB it just doesnt cut it......and that blueberry shampoo, I will want to drink it - I swear! lol

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