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  • Great news. I am so happy to hear it. Glad Duke is getting back to normal. Miss Lucy is doing great. Thank you! Tell Duke that Lucy wishes him a Happy Valentines Day!!
    HI thank you so much for checking in ! our little guy is so much better back to himself , he finally did a poopie and a little mushy which concerns me but it has been a week since he went and he is still on anitbiotics.. I am just so happy he is back to himself.. my happy little Duke! How is Lucy?
    thank you for the good wishes.. I am so happy Duke is ok.. We have had so much going on and of course I felt so bad when Duke got sick and felt I was taking him for granted.. me and Duke are in our PJS hanging out tonight!

    Hope you are well! Love, Karen
    SPLAT!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:

    pass it forward to 5 people..those are the rules :christmas30::sled::christmas34:
    Hi there! we are good. His bowels are all back to normal.. going to see how the next couple weeks goes and then look into the info you sent me if he gets the runs again. It got so cold! If I don't talk to you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!:thanks6::thanks6::thanks1:
    Thankfully, no damage inside. A few trees are laying on their sides so I am on the "list" for the landscaper to see if they can be saved. I am not complaining. So many people really in bad shape right now. The shore is a mess. So sad.

    Hopefully you guys didn't have damage. My friends in center city said they were lucky compared to the suburbs. Lucy slept through the whole thing. No surprise there!
    thanks again.. trying to do all this and we are so busy at State Farm with claims from the storm!! did you have any damage?
    its ok.. I think they made some changes and I am still not use to things.. I wrote you back.. really glad Lucy is well. :)

    Have a good rest of your day !
    HI!!! Haven't been on when you are in a long time.. finally got a new computer at home that works! ha ha Hope you and your husband had a great trip! So sorry we didn't get to meet at the bullyfest! Maybe in the fall! Hope you and Lucy are doing well.. :p
    I give Abby hugs all day every day but this morning, before I left for work, I gave her a hug and said "Lucy loves you too" :)

    Thanks for keeping her in your thoughts. I'm praying that all this positive energy sent her way is making a difference. I'll find out Tuesday when she is retested :)
    Yes Trieste! Well, it is actually from Aldo and Katara. It's supposed to be a keychain. I had the lady that makes them send it straight to you! :) we went to puppy classes today with the harness and Katara did great! Thank you so much!
    No, they are in perfect condition and Lucy's little bit of hairs just ad to the charm! We love them! :)
    Hi! I just want to let you know I got the harnesses! We love them! It fits Aldo perfectly and Kat a little big but she'll grow into it soon! Thank you so much! You and Lucy are awesome! Keep an eye out for a small token of our appreciation!
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