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  • Omg! I knew you were in South Jersey but didn't realize that close! Oh we def need to have a play date when it gets warmer!
    its Oct 7 you can find them on FaceBook dot com / heavensentrescue Hopefully I spelled it correct it wont let me post a link here.
    OH wow!! I havent been down that way in a while LOL Hopefully we'll make it down to the Octo-bull Fest next month.
    Ah - its a shame that we live in such a big state because I would love for my little guy to interact with other bullys..... I'm up in Northern Passaic County (almost New York Hudson region) First impressions, I really like my trainer. She's worked with bullys before and is an advocate of making them therapy dogs. He's only 4 months but loves everyone - I could certainly picture him doing well at that.
    My bf and I are always free if you need help. We'll probably even take the week off to make sure he's comfortable. That and to spend as much time with your adorable guy. So jealous that you're not only going on a cruise, but a Disney cruise. Loove Disney. :D
    Hi. I just saw your post again regarding boarding. I know we're hours apart, but I don't mind watching him. :)

    So the daycare kennels them during the day? I thought they have free run until bedtime?
    i see you're an slp! my boyfriend's mother just finished her program in the spring and starts her new job on monday! do you work for a school or private practice?
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