Just 2 questions from a new Bulldog parent.


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Jul 26, 2011
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We've had Bullie (previously known as Bella) for 3 days now. She's so sweet and we're getting used to her now but I have 2 issues I'm trying to figure out:

1.) How do you guys coral slobber? Bullie doesn't slobber all the time. From what I noticed, she slobbers when she's chewing toys, eating treats, eating/drinking food and that's about it. The treats and eating/drinking is manageable because she does it in the kitchen and I have rags and stuff ready to catch them. But, she would grab her toy, walk around the house shaking it like she's trying to kill it which causes slobber to fly all over. Do you just give her toys when she's in her kennel?

2.) How do you stop her from bullie-dozing you? I have a bichon frise named Gizmo that she plays with and he is only 18lbs - a tiny dog compared to Bullie. Sometimes, when they're playing Bullie would get too active and run around in quick spurts. Gizmo doesn't like that because he ends up getting bowled over so when Bullie does the quick spurts, Gizmo would run to me and go behind my legs and here comes Bullie running after Gizmo, and for some reason, she doesn't see my legs as an obstacle - she just runs right into me. It might be because Bullie grew up on carpet and I have wood floors so she's having a hard time gripping to stop. But then, she does it when she's walking too - she would just walk right over Gizmo instead of swerving to avoid him. The interesting thing is, she hasn't broken anything yet - like the ceramic vase by the couch, she's been good with not walking through it. So, it's just human and dog legs that she doesn't see as an obstacle...

Aside from those 2, she's been perfect!
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Lucy Bulldozes us when we're playing, which is fine, as we're deliberately down at her level so I guess we're asking for it :rofl: if however she looks like she might try to bulldoze my son or my Mum then distraction works. we use a squeeky toy that she loves and she'll usually forget who she was running at and come for the toy. Some of the members use the "coins in a can" which is as it says. A shake of the can and sharp NO on undesirable behaviour and she'll stop in her tracks (hopefully). They don't like the terrible noise. might be worth a try :)

As for the drooling I'm all ears for that cos if someone has a miracle cure I'm gonna sell it :evil::rofl:
I just clean up when she's asleep, whats a bit of drool and slobber between mother and daughter :heart:


Mar 11, 2011
Tip of the Mitt, Michigan
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I have absolutely no suggestions on the drooling except to say welcome to my world. :ROFL: On the bulldozing Wilson does that too, it's the Bullie way, but luckily our other pup is much taller and weighs a few pounds more. But, Wilson and Jack can play quite rough and quite often it's Wilson who gets the upper hand on jack, being that he'll blind side bulldoze Jack or get on top of him with all his weight. With you other guy only weighing 18, you'll just need to keep working with Bullie, coins in a can work wonderful. Good luck! :)
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Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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:lmao: Well I think you will just have to adjust to these 2 problems you have because from what I know with mine it is uncontrolable. haha Cutty plows thru everyone when excited. I am used to it and my 2 yr old can handle her own most the time but every once in a while he is ocd about playing fetch and does not care WHO is in his way. As for the drool....... Umm well..... I think the more you get to know and love her, the less you will notice it. ;)


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Jun 30, 2011
New York
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bullies drool...it's the way they are....when they are hot they drool...excited drool...hungry BIG TIME drool. sneeze be prepared to be plastered....ur car will never be the same....my windows get washed regularly from bullie drool. as for being bowled over they don't know their own strength...it is a huge issue...watch ur knees!!!! ours still charge when playing and we have to be very careful

kim n the guys

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Apr 3, 2011
Holt, MI
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I am extremely lucky with Sebastian and Oliver, then. They don't drool (except after getting a drink of water)! But I do have two St. Bernard's who sling drool all over the house, so I know all about cleaning it off furniture, walls, windows, us, you name it.


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Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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Oh, I was so looking to see if there was an answer :lmao:, I have come to the conclusion, this is just the way it is. Vegas is 2 and does the same exact things.


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Jul 27, 2011
Lindsey, Ohio, United States
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We're lucky, ours only drools every so often and we just clean it up. As far as getting Bulli-Dozed - I often take the brunt of that. The first time it happened it was eye opening - now I just watch out for it when we're playing. I have been knocked on my bottom more than once - lol. But I wouldn't trade him for the world! Just get up and walk it off, and know it only happened because they love you!

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Dec 17, 2010
Joseph, Oregon, United States
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There are different degrees of drooling in Bulldogs. Out of 6 Bulldogs, 2 have been serious, all of the time droolers; 4 have had dry mouths. The dry mouths will drool sometimes, like once every month or three. Wet mouths usually have big jowles, pull their cheeks out, there is lots of room to accumulate liquid. Wet mouths drool when you are cooking, when they are on a walk, watching TV, sleeping--all of the time they drool. Ruggles is a drooler, Mack is not. We keep paper towels handy as drool catchers. We used to keep small hand towels but the cat would knock them on the floor and Ruggles would shred and/or eat them. I don't know of a cure for drooling, you just have to get used to it. Our first Bulldog was a drooler, #s 2-5 were dry mouthed, then along comes # 6 with a wet mouth again. I thought most breeders had bred that out of their dogs!


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Jan 25, 2011
Fontana, CA
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Wilson only drools when he thinks he's getting a treat of cream cheese (pill hiding inside it). I mean it falls like BIG DROPS! Other than that he never drools. BabyGirl has never drooled anytime. Neither one knocks me over but equally annoying is they never get out of the way. I'm constantly having to maneuver between three dogs and a husband in my small family room.

Don't have any small dogs so not sure how to answer that one. I did babysit a chihuahua but he held his own and my bulldogs seemed not to be interested in him at all but they did not try to bother him. My Frenchton who is a wild man of a dog, was gentle with him and would lie down to let the chihuahua crawl and bite him and the Frenchton just nibbled him back gently.

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Jan 29, 2011
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Chaos only drools when hes had a drink, when hes hot, and when I;m cooking. Other than that I don't notice too much drool. As far as the bulldozing.....he almost knocks me down multiple times a day. That's the bully way :tease:


Aug 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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Princess Gracie doesnt drool!!!!! Period! It isnt Ladylike and she won't stand for it. One does not drool in front of a lady so just dont do it!
Both Lari and I have tried to block her from going somewhere she wanted to go.... that is a mistake.... that hurts.... we dont do that anymore. ;)

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