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  • Hi Kim, I'm so glad that you received it and all in one piece. I'm really sorry it was late, I tried to have it out to you in time, but I don't drive, and our car died, and we haven't replaced it as I am off work on a medical leave of absence, so we are relying on one income, so waiting on getting another car. I rely on the buses right now and I don't live near a postal outlet, so again I apologize for the late delivery. I had to research what Folklore Christmas was for your theme, lol. I hope my choice was something in your tree theme. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
    Hi Kim, this is Vikinggirl, Dozer and Blossoms mom. I was your secret ornament elf, and haven't seen your post if you received it or not. I hope you did receive it in one piece, and that it hasn't been lost in the mail. Please e-mail me and let me know if you got it. If not, I'll go to the post office on Monday and check the tracking number to see where it is. Hoping you did get it.
    well, since I don't get on the fitness pal , diet clubs or here much anymore I don't keep up with anyone much anymore, and yes you haven't gone anywhere, it's me
    :halloween4: You've been hit by a trick-or-treater! Pass it on to 5 people but you can't return it to the one who tricked you! :halloween5:
    who did you adopt Mabel from? We were told Goldie didn't get along with other dogs as well and in the beginning she really didn't like my boys. After a couple of days, I started taking them outside to potty together and if they came up to sniff her, she would growl and lunge at them until they moved away but she never really went after them. Then after a couple of weeks, they can all hang out together and she even plays with Remy. She doesn't have any issues with them at all now. I think she just wasn't socialized and spent her life in a crate.
    We thought about her when we adopted Mabel. I love her smiley face. We had just lost a senior dog, though. I wasn't ready to go there again just yet. I hope she find a home soon. Don't tell my husband, but I have thought about another bulldog--maybe even a foster. My saving grace is that we were told Mabel doesn't like other dogs in HER house. :D She apparently tried to take down a standard poodle! As docile as she is, I find that hard to believe. ;) We'll see, once she's off all her meds.
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