I tried to teach Orion a new trick....


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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
...and she failed. She really really failed. As you may remember..my right arm is in a brace and I'm not supposed to lift anything. Or anybully. Since Orion loves to jump, I thought I would teach her to jump into my arms. She's done it before. I just bend my legs and give her a nice landing zone then I grab her and she's up. So..yesterday we tried it and I couldn't get a good hold on her, so I had her try again. Instead of jumping into my arms, she bit my thigh.

No kidding.

yes..I finally got my camera back!
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She's just paying back for the April Fools spoof. Yanno....a "if mom's gonna call me a biter I just might as well live up to it" sorta thing.
Well..to be perfectly honest. I called her more than a biter after she did that. :eek: That was thru my jeans also!
Whoa! That looks like it really hurts! Maybe that isn't a trick that should be in O's repetoir. lol
Ummmmmmm ouch!!! Glad you were wearing jeans!
Ouch that looks very sore, good job you had jeans on....O couldn't have gotten Jump more wrong, better luck next time sweety xx
Well.. there is always room for improvement I guess :up: My Big Mac kind of nips every now and then when he gets really confused or frustrated with our instructions or when the kids play really wild with him. I am sure that he could bite a lot harder and that in his mind he is just nipping.... but it hurts!! :luv:
Awww, pooooor baby O.:( Hope she didn't chip a tooth or sumptin. :p:p
Oh my goodness is all I can think of to say! Ok, Ouch comes to mind too. Hope your arm heals quick, I didn't know you were in a brace.
I can understand how Vegas confuses the words "close it" "corner" and "kennel". But Orion confusing jump with bite? Actually, I do. She is one of those dogs that go crazy when you do something. Like she will attack a garbage bag when I'm trying to shake it out...or the lint roller when we are trying to get dog hair off our clothes. Or, when my husband move into the boxing stance and brings both fists up in front of him. She goes crazy. So, when I bent my knees and used my good hand to slap my leg several times...she went crazy and got out of control. I guess it can happen to the best of us. :bang:

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