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May 5, 2010
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I've been up alllllllllllllll night cleaning up puppy puke. Vegas threw up around 4ish yesterday afternoon. And again at 10pm. I thought he was done, and I finally went to bed at 2am. Vegas was snoozing right beside my bed on his puppy couch. I woke up at 3am and he was sitting on the carpet...next to the wall. I got up to find out what was going on only to discover he'd thrown up on his couch. So, I cleaned up what I could, hauld the puppy couch down to the laundry room and took Orions couch upstairs for Vegas to sleep on. As I was setting it up, Vegas threw up again. I got that cleaned up and grabbed a couple of towels and started to get him settled down. He was sitting upright and he started the heaving again. So I put the towel under him and he threw up 2 more times. So, I sat with him on the floor...waiting. And waiting. He looked at me with those eyes. You know....THOSE EYES!!!!!!! Then he pulled himself up onto the side railing of my bed. So, being the loving mommy that I am....I lifted him into bed next to my husband. (Who, mind you, is also sick) So, with Vegas inbetween us and 5 towels blanketing our bed and comforter (in case it happens again) I finally lay down to sleep. But NO...now Vegas wants to play. He's getting frisky and needs something to bite. Apparently...I'm a good chew toy. I asked my husband..."do you mind if I sleep elsewhere?" His response..."no". So, making sure I have the bed covered and extra towels handy...I leave my sick puppy playing in bed next to my sick husband. I retreat to our bonus room...only to find my intended place of slumber occupied by my mother in law...who is also REALLY sick. So, I came downstairs to the couch. And I thought..hey, why not share my story with everybody at 4:30 in the morning!!

So...happy Friday everybody. Hope your family is fairing better than mine on this (early:eek:) Friday morning.
Oh I am so sorry to hear you had a bad night. I hope you are able to sleep in today. This is just part of motherhood and the fact you cared so much to clean and take care of him just proves you are a wonderful mom!
Poor Vegas ... I hate when my fur-kids get sick, they are more miserable and helpless than my skin kids. Hope everyone feels better soon. Just remember chicken soup can help for people and doggies
Oh no, you sound like you need to get away from all the sickies. Poor Vegas! I hate when the boys are sick, that look in their eyes is SO sad! I hope your house heals fast and you dont catch whatever it is. Maybe a nap will work out for you today.
Oh my when you said last night they were sick you meant it! Poor sweet Vegas.... I hope today everyone gets some rest (including you!) and sending prayers and well wishes that everyone starts to feel better today. :heart:
Awww you are such a great bully momma. I hope he is feeling better!
Well, I'm just getting home from my long day of work. Vegas did better today than he did last night. As I was walking out the door to leave for work, he threw up. So now thats 2 doses of seizure meds he hasn't had. I had my mom in law redose him around 12:00. He threw up at 12:30. My husband came home around 3ish to cuddle with Vegas. He said he snuck him some saltines...and he held it down. So, I just fed him 1/4 cup of food. Before that, I gave him metoclopramide. It's to help with nausea and vomiting. I had intended on waiting about an hour to make sure it got into his tummy and had a chance to dissolve. Right. Vegas was ready to eat and he was doing the feed me dance. So, I fed him and medicated him. Now it's the waiting game. I hope all goes well tonight...I have to work tomorrow and I don't think I can handle another sleepless night. I hope that pixie dust works!
Hope you all have a much better day tomorrow. Hugs for all of you!()()

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