How big will my english get?


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Aug 10, 2011
I was wondering if there is a way to tell how big my english is going to be or is there a way to guess? His mother was short and not to big but his dad was 75 pounds sammy my pup is 4 and a half months is 30 pounds now anybody have any ideas on what size he could end up being?
I really couldn't help you with that question. I just stopped by to say hi. Every bulldog is different. Matilda is 7 months at 40 pounds of pure muscle.
My Samson was 25 lbs at 5 months and 55 lbs now as an 5 year old, adult male. So since Sammy is bigger than my Samson was at that age I would assume he will be bigger than 55 lbs as an adult. Thats the best guess I can give you :)
We were told Hudson's dad was just over 70lbs and his mom was about 67lbs. Hudson is just over 1 year and about 52lbs of pure muscles.
Our Samson is 4 months 3 weeks old and is 38 lbs (he's very short and stout!) - his dad was also on the larger side at about 65 lbs and his mom is 55 lbs. I'm not sure what to expect for his final weight, but a typical EB is about 33 lbs around 5 months according to this site, Bulldog nutrition and Average bull weight chart.
Average males are 55 to 65 lbs., yours may be a little bigger.
Sometimes guidelines don't even give you a good idea. Orion is 36 pounds. Her dad is the standard typical bulldog weighing 60. Her mom is not typical... she is short and fat. She is way over 60 pounds. What happened to Orion? She is pure muscle. She weighs in at 36 pounds and that's with her stinky bear. I would say there's probably no way to tell. Usually by the age of 2, you have a full grown bulldog.

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