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Aug 10, 2011
I have a 18 week old english and for some reason his eyes leak and its not a very good smell is this normal for this breed? Some people say it is but its my first bulldog
Welcome to EBN. Glad you joined and hope we can help. 'Leaky eyes', just like in humans can be caused by many things. Pix would be a big help. If you dont mind me asking, what food is he on? These dogs seem to be very food sensitive which would be one reason his eyes leak. Seasonal allergies is another and Benedryl will sometimes help that. The important thing to do right now is to keep the area very clean and dry as much as possible so he doesnt get sores in his wrinkles. If you need help posting pix just ask and someone will help. There is also a tutorial on doing it here somewhere. Again, welcome!
This is all just my opinion based on my own experience with similiar issues. No that isn't normal for the breed. The eye watering sounds like allergies, could be food related or seasonal. For seasonal allergies I would suggest giving him benadryl, make sure to get the plain benadryl where they ONLY active ingredient is diphenhydramine. It's one milligram per one pound of weight, my Samson is 55lbs so I give him 50 mg of benadryl every 8 hours (when needed). Again just my opinion but Royal Canin is not a very good food ESPECIALLY considering how expensive it is! Natural Balance is better in quality but lower in price I believe. My favorite Natural Balance for controlling my Samson's allergies is the LID Sweet Potato & Fish. Every bully is different so what may work for one bully may not for another but I just suggest that Natural Balance food because it's high quality, I saw it do wonders for my Samson and it's not terribly expensive. For more food options I suggest checking out the dog food ratings here on EBN. Good luck! Any more questions please ask :) Oh and a food change SHOULD help the smell as well!
Welcome to the site and as everyone else has said it probably is the food or just seasonal allergies. We fed ours Royal Canain a long time ago and did not have very good results. We have tried several foods and know feeding FROMM 4 Star now and so far so good. There are a lot of good foods out there, you just have to find the one that works for your bully.
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