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Oct 28, 2015
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Sir Bruno
Hi, we are new in this blog and new with the english bulldogs breed. Bruno is 3 months old, and has a big sister named Lola the beagle, and she is 3 years old. Before Bruno Lola had a sister named Frida the Akita, but she passed away about a month ago. Bruno came to our lives when we needed the most, and we are so happy with him.

We want to say hello to you all.

This is the second week with Bruno at home, and we are starting to train him. He goes potty in the balcony most of the times, he is a smart boy and learn fast. He had cherry eye, but after a visit to the vet he is healing fine. Also, this week he is having hives in his body (moderate, mostly in his stomach), we are giving him Benadryl 3 times a day. We dont know what is the cause. Wedont give him treats, he doesnt go outside ( just a balcony) and we feed him Royal Canin for bulldog puppy, any advise? What Vitamins can we give him? We give fish oil pills, and probiotics to our Beagle, can we give this to Bruno? Any specific bulldog vitamins you all can recomend us to help him. Thank you in advance!
Hello [MENTION=14993]Sir Bruno[/MENTION] and welcome to EBN:) I'm so sorry for your loss of Frida, it's heartbreaking when they leave. Glad to hear Bruno is making it a little easier on you.

I'm sure you can give the same supplements to Bruno as you give to Lola. I give our Bulldogs 2 tbsp of coconut oil and 2 tbsp of plain yogurt once a day, it has helped them with skin issues:)

If the hives are only on his stomach it sounds like it might be something he's laying on that causes it... since you just got him it's hard to find out but they can be sensitive to detergent, cleaning products that you clean the floors with and anything else they come in contact with... many gets hives from laying on grass.

If he seems over all itchy it can be the food... lots of bulldogs are sensitive to grains and/or other things.

Bruno is adorable <3
Welcome to EBN to you and Bruno! My heartfelt condolences for your loss of Frida. Losing a dog is an awful hurt and a new pup does ease the pain some. It sounds like you are doing fine with him so far. My dogs have only gotten hives from being stung by insects, so I don't have any advice about Bruno's hives. I did have one dog who got hives from being stressed out once.

I give my dogs probiotics in their morning meal. Also 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 1/4 cup of Answers Fermented Fish and a joint supplement with their evening meal. I feed my guys Orijen Six Fish food, which is grain free and a highly rated food. They love it and they have done very well on it. You might research the ratings for dog foods (I think there is a list somewhere on this site). I'm not sure if Royal Canin is a really good food. Nuvet is a good supplement that a lot of members here use.

Enjoy your little guy--he sure is adorable!
Thank you all. He woke up with more hives /: and nothing was in his crate, not even a blanket. We are changing his food to Blue Buffalo Basics to see if this help.
:welcome3: to EBN! Bruno sure is a cutie pie

if changing foods, try to avoid grains and chicken and make sure you do a slow transition to lessen impact to belly and poo :D
:welcome2: to EBN!!!

First of all I'm SO sorry for your loss… many of us on here have lost pets, so we share in your grief. Your new baby is absolutely adorable… you can look on this website for a good recommended dog food. I use Fromm's but I have used Earthborn Holistic in the past. Basically it's up to your preferences and what your budget allows Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor

Your baby could get hives from insect bites or anything that he's in contact with… carpet cleaners, febreeze, etc… It can be really hard to discover the source, you also have to consider your laundry detergent. Our household has allergies so I already use All free & clear. IF for any reason you feel the hives are spreading (or if they are getting worse) I would take him to the vets immediately… his airway could close.
Sporry to hear about your Akita, :welcome: to EBN! He's certainly a cutie. Hopefully the food change will help him, if it gets to severe the vet can give him something for them. Happy you found us here.
Welcome to the site and your baby is too cute. Find a good quality food to feed. Royal Canim isn't that good. We feed our pups FROMM Puppy Gold in the pink bag. Plus some probiotics are a good thing too.
Bruno is much better! No more hives! :D We were sad to see him with hives. we were afraid to even touch him because we felt like everything would make it worst.

We changed our laundry detergent , and cleaning products to hypoallergenic, and changed his food to Blue Buffalo Basics Puppy Turkey and Potato ( 1 cup, 3 times a day) , since Blue Buffalo works for our Beagle and Akita. I don't know if Blue Buffalo is the best for Bruno, but for now it works and he doesn't have hives anymore. We are still giving him Benadryl 3 times a day for a few days more just to make sure the hives are gone, and then change it to 2 times a day.

About the food, i have read here in the forums that we should change to adult food after the 4 months. Is that true?

Thank you very much for all your help. We have so may questions, and all this is new to us.
Here is Bruno with her sister Lola!
Lola is still learning to love her lil brother, even thoug Bruno bites her tail all the time.
You Can switch to adult any time after 8 mths

Both your babies are precious
:welcome4: [MENTION=14993]Sir Bruno[/MENTION] and Lola! Two very good looking dogs! Oh, how puppies LOVE to see a dog with a tail! Poor Lola is in for it! Good luck Lola:D

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