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Jul 21, 2010
Dallas Texas
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I have been a member for a short time and never posted before. I fekt like I could not become a full fledge member till I had another bullie. I had Toby my first and lost him two years ago. I recently got my second Bullie Bella actually yesterday and am so excited to meet you. We live right outside of Dallas and am looking for others who may be in the area. See you soon.
Melissa and Bella :up::up:
Welcome Melissa! So sorry to hear about your Toby, I am sure you miss him dearly. While Bella will never replace him, she will definitely help heal your heart :heart:

Looking forward to hearing your stories, and hope to see some pictures of Bella, and Toby if you don't mind. We have a memorial board for loved ones lost.... :heart:
Welcome! And congrats on getting Bella. We look forward to the pictures.
Welcome... I'm sure you will LOVE it here! I can't wait to hear more about Bella!
Welcome and yes please post pictures.....
Welcome Melissa and Bella... very happy you checked in to say "Hi"... Congrats on your new family member
welcome to the site!! my little family is from tx as well... i believe there is 2 more bullie family from tx as well!

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