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Feb 17, 2011
Puerto Rico
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Last Thursday I had to work late and I asked my oldest daughter (Candy) to babysit the twins and Zeus, she came over with my two grandaughters one of 6 and Nicole of 2 yrs.
Nicole is crazy about Zeus as he of her, but that night on HBO all 4 girls were watching a movie that had all thier atention and Zeus wanted to play need less to say no one paid atention to him, so he started to push Nicole and at first she didnt care but he just kept on and Candy said Nicole turned to him and bit his ear.
Candy sent me a message that said "thiers a problem Nicole bit Zeus" at first I was in shock and thought she made a mistake and answered Zeus bit Nicole??? and she said Nooo! Nicole bit Zeus! I text back tack my baby to the vet because Zeus has all his shot but Nicole doesnt.
:whew: My poor Zeus was such a good boy all he after that was go to his bed
Candelaria-20110513-00163.jpgimagejpeg_2.jpgThese are some pictures of my grandaughter with Zeus and do a Zeus face.foto[1].jpg
Beautiful little girl!!! Way to show Alpha!!! More kids need to do that!:yes:

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