Do you think Bulldogs are CUTE? on the outside? or UGLY on the outside

Are Bulldogs UGLY or CUTE?!

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Winsten is adorable on the outside and inside his super sweet personality and that little wrinkled face just melts you fast! :)


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Cute, cute and super cute! Every now and then I see one that falls into the category, "face only a mother could love", but I wouldn't say they're ugly. I think Gertie is sooo adorable!! (of course!)
This was the 13th thread posted on the site, and this poll was created by our son :) Wow, this place was so empty back then, look at it now!!!!

I think what he MEANT to say was are they so ugly they are cute! LOL
Are you kidding me?? They are the cutest breed that you can possibly own!!! ALL of us Bully owners knows that!!!!! Lol
Before I owned my own bully it was so ugly they are cute now i don't see any ugly. Fantastic how they change you!!

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