Daily Poll: How many toys does your bulldog have?

How many toys does your bulldog have?

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1-4-2011: How many toys does your bulldog have?
Don't know the exact number, but I'm assuming it's around 12 or so. That doesn't include how many he's broken though. Now that number is hard to keep track of! :D
Well Samson only has 3 that I can leave around all the time (2 are nylabones and one extreme kong) and a few more that he can only have when supervised. I know thats sad but after he ended up in surgery to remove a toy from his belly it is what has to be done to keep him safe!
Gracie has her baby bully,hippo,Woodstock,pillow, and a new fabric ball that she plays with.

We bought a kong, tennis type ball and rope before we got her but she refuses to play with them so they don't count.
How sad am I really the only one with over 20 toys?!?! I didnt go count tho to be sure but boy it seems like that many to me. They only play with maybe 1/3 of them for the most part tho I would guess. Maybe I am a bit outta control huh? :lol:
Silva has so many toys its :crazy:! 28 to be exact and I just cleaned them out and threw 4 away because they had a hole or were chewed too much!
No, Jenn, you're not alone. I have a big, deep, over-flowing basket of toys in my family room. I haven't counted them, but I know there are more than 20. Gertie and Ida don't destroy toys like some do, so they just keep collecting them.
:whew: was starting to think I was that crazy mama. Cutty DOES destroy the ones that are his fav but the ones that he doesnt play with so much last forever of course. Thats why now a days I only am replacing the fav toys rather than buying new ones all the time like I used to.
Bugzy has 7 toys at the moment but lets not count all the ones he has chewed thru!!! He sure can destroy toys!!!lol so now i just replace his favorite ones instead of buying new ones!:d
I just cleaned out their toy box and I threw away 2 garbage bagfuls of toys that either were too worn or stuffies that had holes in it. They still have 2 totes of toys packed up...
Twenty and counting is how many toys they currently have in time out.
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] I like the colored photos of the bulldog above your mantel! Louie loves to hoard all of his toys into his bed leaving no room for himself!
Duke has over twenty toys that he still hasn't managed to destroy. But..........Does that include plastic pop bottles? He gets them about three to four times a week to naw on.
Jozi has 6 or 7 so far. But she
has been with us less than a
month too. We will recount in
a few more months. I'm willing
to bet its above 20 then.

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