Bulldogs with Food Allergies? Let Me Know what You Think.. :)


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Jun 16, 2010
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Hello There! :) I recently joined this site and have been reading and looking through posts. I noticed that A Lot of bullys have allergy food problems just like my little bully Chelios. I know how are and difficult it is to find treats and food that will fit to your dogs food allergies. I'm currently going to Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School && thought why not but my two loves together. I was thinking of creating a site with treats && birthday cakes made specially just for your bullys need with special nutrition to fit their breed. My question to you is what food is your bully allergic too? Help me out and let me know! So i can come up with special treats and ideas for doggies with food allergy! Appreciate it! Thanks For Your Help!! :D
I would suggest using grain free products. Also no corn!!

Pumpkin based would be good as well as sweet potato.

The thing is, for example, using oatmeal would be good- but I also know two people who have bullies allergic to oats!! Peanut butter- another gummy treat- but recently found out that miss bailey is allergic to peanuts. So you never really know- that is why I say to stck with pumpkin and sweet potato as your main source of ingredient.
yes or make each treat specific to 1 of them so the ones who can eat oats know what they are buying and same with the peanut butter. My boy has allergies but never found out what they were specifically. I just knew diff foods had diff effects on him and kept switching till I saw none.

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