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Hey everyone, my son and I took Blossom on a walk this afternoon and we got for in the rain on the way home. Blossom's white fur got dirty from the rain splashing up on her, so we gave her a bath when we got home. We were going to bath Dozer and Blossom on the weekend, but she needed one, so we did her today and will do Dozer on the weekend. I just bought a new shampoo from Petsmart, its made by Top Paw and is Strawberry Banana Smoothie Scented, it has natural oatmeal in it, and is supposed to be good for controlling shedding. The groomers recommended it, and it smelled really good. I used it on Blossom today, and she has been super itchy ever since. Our other shampoo that we've always used is Petsmart's own brand it's called Tearless Puppy Shampoo and also has oatmeal I it, I've used it ever since they were puppies with no reactions. I'm thinking it must be the strawberry or banana scent that is making her itchy. She doesn't have any rash, bumps or hives, but I gave her a Benadryl, its not really helping. I don't want her to keep scratching because I'm afraid she might make herself sore and bleed. I'm going to put her back in the tub and rinse her with warm water and vinegar and rinse her really well and see if that helps. Poor baby I feel so bad for her. I don't think I should try it on Dozer in case he has the same reaction. Maybe I should take back the shampoo and exchange it for the one I always use.
If it is not good for her, I would take it back. Probably the dyes and perfumes they put in it does not agree with her. [MENTION=6311]Vikinggirl[/MENTION]
Yup, take it back & bathe her again to take it off as much as possible.

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If it is not good for her, I would take it back. Probably the dyes and perfumes they put in it does not agree with her. @Vikinggirl

Thats what I was thinking, it's the scent because her other shampoo has oatmeal in it as well, but doesn't cause any reactions.
our bully babes are so sensitive! :tongue:

hope she's feeling better.
It most likely is the scent that is making her itch. I would take the shampoo back or try it for Dozer on a very small area of the skin.
I like to use non scented shampoo's and I'm using Malacetic shampoo at the moment. I only wash them about 2-3 time a year, paws more often. My boys don't have any skin problems, but still I like to use something that has some medicinal qualitys too.
I would take it back. I don't think I would not try it on Dozer because if Blossom is having a reaction to it, she might continue if she rubs against him after his use. Just go back to what works for you.
Do you think on her walk she could have got poison ivy?
Reason i ask is last summer brutus got into it in our backyard and he was itching like crazy, i took him to the vet and everything. They never suspected it. The only reason we knew is because where he rests his face on my legs, i ended up getting it.
I bathed him in baking soda to help but we really just had to wait that one out, it was awful for him.
[MENTION=6311]Vikinggirl[/MENTION] How is Blossom today? Were you able to wash the "itchies" off? Hope all is well.
Checking in on Blossom (sorry I missed this yesterday), how is she?
Hi everyone, I put her back in the tub and re rinsed her with clear warm water and then again with vinegar and water. I didn't wash her with anything again because I didn't want to irritate her skin more. It did help a little, but she's still a bit itchy. She doesn't have any hives or bumps, and no swelling anywhere so I know she hasn't been bit by anything, she's just a little pink on her skin, so that tells me its irritated by the new shampoo. I am going to no back to Petsmart and exchange it for their usual shampoo that I always use. Petsmart is pretty good about taking things back, and since the groomers there recommended that shampoo and they use it, they can use the opened bottle.
UGH -- poor girl.... how is she today -- any better?
Sorry to hear about Blossom… I don't know about dogs, but in OUR house I have to use perfume/dye free washing powder, soap and shampoo. It's in EVERYTHING unfortunately…

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