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  • Hi Jessica! Was thinking about you, TyTy, and your little human. I hope that you are all well and that you'll drop in sometime to say Hi and catch us all up!

    Merry Christmas!

    Sue and Joey
    Jessica, I really miss you and Ty! I have been worrying that you are working so hard, being pregnant(yipee for that!) and not spending enough time with Tyson!
    I know your job is stressful right now,and hope you do not wear yourself out-take care. Wish I could be there when your little one is born! I feel like I am going to be a granny! Love you, and take care of y:heart::heartsign:ourself! Have a most wonderful Merry Christmas!!:christmas31::christmas26::christmas20::christmas23::christmas36:
    Thanks for asking. His bum is great, still bald on one side and I am concerned it may not ever grow back but it is a small price to pay to get rid of that infection.
    Fingers crossed that Tyson's blood work comes back good. I am sure it will, he looks so healthy.
    Yes, Houston has been through a lot this year, one way or the other. Let's hope next year brings all good things!
    Merry Christmas! :christmas26::sled::christmas30:
    So glad to see you on EBN this a.m. Watching the weather channel-all the devastation. Katy Tx was mentioned, and not knowing your area, I have been so worried! Praying you will stay safe!
    Jessica, Danny, and of course Tyson! I am praying that you all are,and will be safe during this hurricane. Love you all, and I always have room for you if you need a place to stay. For your sake-hoping you will be safe,and not much damage. Much love,Lynn
    Thanks - and so happy to see the great pics of Tyson today. He looks absolutely amazing! Take care!
    Yes, they are tough, aren't they... yes, he must have broken it.

    The eye problem is entropion (the eye lids roll inwards) and he also has ingrowing lashes. I hope we've found a good eye surgeon now. We've taken him to other eye vets before but haven't felt we wanted them to operate on him. This vet is young, very professional, and actually did her residency at UC Davis which probably means she is good, and she has a steady hand - amazingly enough she pulled ingrowing eye lashes out of Castor's eye with a pair of tweezers as we were talking with her about the surgery! And it's at a good vet hospital where Castor will stay over so that they monitor him for 24h or so after the surgery. The vet gave us a cone and said we'd better start practising before surgery as Castor will probably not like it (and she was right).
    Thanks for asking! It was scary when it first happened but then it looked ok so we actually never called about it as we were going to the vet anyway the following week... and then over the weekend he just dropped the claw one day. We found it on the couch! The foot/leg looked ok and the eye vet we went to a few days later said we should just check on it and wash it if needed. I don't think Castor has noticed and it doesn't look sore at all so hopefully he's all good. He will go into eye surgery next month, though.
    Ellie Slept through the night!! :whew::nightfever::nightfever: Thinking that little hicup in her routine might have been it, Hope you have a great weekend!!
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