1. A

    HELP - Little bumps on parts of his body, possibly spreading but very slowly?

    anyone seen this before? they look like little bumps, under skin is fine and healthy, no redness or anything.
  2. Maxthebulldog1210

    Funny rash on tummy/nipples

    I will attach a photo of Nova’s rash. It looks like red bumps but not raised, I have no idea what it is. Please help She eats raw, and have never noticed any allergies on her.
  3. M

    Hot spots?

    Brought my 6 year old bulldog to the vet last week for a sore on his back and vet prescribed an antibiotic because she thought it was a hot spot. A couple years ago he started losing his hair and his side have gotten bumps on them the last week or so. The vet thought the balding could be his...
  4. dymeale

    Raw Feeding

    Calling all my raw feeders!!! I am still having issues with my poor Nikolas. I started him on rabbit and he did great, his nose looked healthy, his folds went from being extremely raw to clearing up and he grew his fur back, his tear stains went away. He was on rabbit for a little over a month...
  5. dymeale

    Me again!! Ugh!

    I started Niko on a raw diet about two months ago. Initially we started him on rabbit and he did great, his folds cleared up, his nose got better, his fur started growing back. We did only rabbit for a month, then we tried alpaca and that irritated his folds right away and he got bumps...
  6. dymeale

    Bumps on Skin

    Hi All, me again! My dog has these bumps every where. I thought they were mosquito bites but now I’m thinking they aren’t. He was eating raw alpaca and I cut it off because he seemed to not do well on it. He’s now on rabbit, before the alpaca he was on rabbit and did great. The bumps are flakey...
  7. jsygrls

    Need some advise/help my EB right foot ankle area is lightpink and glows when he's hot

    Please take a moment check this out my bully, only the lower right ankle area on my Bubba seems to glow warm PINK when he's hot like today after his am potty walk. We live in central Florida and its hot today. The area is NOT tender to my touch and it appears not to bother him. I can see no...
  8. D

    Help!! Puppy with EXTREME hair loss and bumps that turn into sores.

    In a desperate attempt to find answers, I’m reaching out to you all. My puppy, Jersey, is 11 weeks old. She’s been home with us just 3 weeks now and it’s been nothing short of a nightmare trying to figure out what’s going on with her. She has extreme hair loss on her back (not on her eyes...
  9. D

    Bumps on pups head

    Hello, new to this group. I have a question. 10 week old puppy with bumps on the top of his head. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks
  10. BabyDuke

    Olivers Skin Issues and allergies

    so it took over 9 weeks. Oliver had HORRIBLE skin issues. Raw, red, bumps. took him to vet had skin cytology done they wanted him to have surgery to remove all that is in picture one. I did a lot of research and with the help of 2BullyMama , we opted to go RAW, took him off low dose steroid, he...
  11. W

    Hives & Swollen Nipples

    This is my baby girl Nala 10 months old. She has had this happen 4 times in the last 2 months. The first time they thought it was a bee sting. 2nd and 3rd time, she had just gotten a bath with some special medicine shampoo, and immediately broke out, so we thought it was the shampoo. We got...
  12. J

    10 month old with terrible skin problem

    For the first 6-7 months he was perfectly healthy and out of nowhere my sweet baby started developing papules/pustules all over his body. These are filled with a little bit of pus but mainly blood and tend to be dark colored. (They pop when he plays with his big brother Zeus who is a boxer) They...
  13. C

    Need help

    Hey everyone, new member! I joined because I wanted to get some expert opinions on what my dog myight have, seems like allergies but im not sure ill post some pictures and hopefully you guys can help me out. She has a vet appointment monday. Shes a female, 6 months of age we just got her 2...
  14. A

    Dry scalp, scabs, bumps? HELP!!!

    So this started happening on his head, and I just noticed a bald spot. Any ideas? what can I do to help it go away.
  15. H

    Help Needed! Bumps and now sores all over under his skin

    My 8yr old buddy hammerhead has started to get bumps under his skin and it is all over his body. And today the started to break through like little valcanos and fester a few at a time. Now some are just open stores. He is now is pain and does not scratch at them ,they just raise up and pop open...
  16. E

    Help Needed! Hives/allergies

    Hi! My English bulldog Bella is almost 8 months old. She is my first English Bulldog. She has been on Purina Pro Plan. I recently came across this site and read about Purina not being a good choice. So I tried changing her dog food to Fromm Grain free Heartland gold. I started the transition on...
  17. K

    Help Needed! Bumps on my 9 week old english bulldog

    My 9 week old english bulldog has bumps under her ski. She is on ketoseb shampoo +ps and it is not clearing up. She is starting to lose her fur on her paw and on her back. Can't keep affording the vet every week to get her looked at
  18. rbourque314

    Lincoln's Major Skin Improvement!

    Hello all, I posted awhile back about an issue that Lincoln was having with his skin. I went through a couple antibiotic treatments and countless medicated baths with no real significant improvement. He has suffered from these really strange crusty/scaly bumps on his skin ever since he was...
  19. D

    Reoccurring hives /skin infections

    Hello all I have a 1.75 year old lilac tri English bulldog nmed Dora. Since she was a puppy she has had these reoccurring breakouts on her back that consist of large welts that appear overnight that turn into scaly itchy bumps. She is on a raw diet of ground beef zucchini carrots red apples and...
  20. thett

    Help Needed! My baby has bumps???

    I have just notices in the last 2 days my Stella's right front arm has 3 bumps on it. They seem to be under the skin and don't hurt when i touch. Does anyone know what these could be before i go running to the vet? Any help would be so much appreciated! Love and Slobbery Bull Kisses... Theresa