A video of Sir Chunk-a-lot


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Aug 20, 2010
New Jersey
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Chunk aka Chunkster, Chunky Monky, Sir Drools-a-lot, Wrinkles Magee
Showing his true royalty ... stomping his feet because he's mad. :lol:

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Don't mind the washer/dryer in the background and our messy living room! :whistle:
LOL! That was the funniest thing! Haven't seen a bully do that before! Chunk is such a cutie!
It took me MONTHS to get that on video since he doesn't do it often! Reminds me of a 5 year old stomping his feet! So funny. More videos to come this evening ... been loading pics/videos between cleaning ... Want my Saturday to myself tomorrow! (Well, myself and Chunk. We shall play and shop instead of cook and clean! :up:)
[MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION] Sir Chunk-a-lot is when he's been very spoiled - he has very many nicknames depending on his mood!!;)
I definitely wouldn't think you were nuts ... sometimes I'm surprised Chunk answers us because he has so many!!! Never gets confused though.
lol. That's one funny quirk he has! He's so cute too and really lives up to his name.
ha! how cute. i've only seen bulls do that when they try to cover up their pees or poops. chunk is funny!:heart:
Thanks! He does it then too. It makes me laugh so hard every time he does it!
Aawww ... just loving Sir Chunk a lot .... very handsome bully!!

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