12/7/10 poll: Do you let your bulldog on the furniture?

Do you allow your bulldog(s) onto the furniture?

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May 5, 2010
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Bulldog(s) Names
Vegas and Orion
Please feel free to explain.
When we had our dalmatian...we never let him on the furniture. But Vegas came along and he was squishy snuggly cute and I couldn't help it. But, we did make him sleep in a kennel UNTIL he started having seizures. Now each evening, Vegas crawls onto his daddy's lap, Orion climbs onto my lap...and every night Vegas sleeps curled into my side. *sigh* Such perfection!
I am a very bad human. All my animals are allowed on the couch.. Yesterday was quit fun as the bug man came to spray and I had all 5 dogs in the house. Well the dane and the boxer both wanted on the couch lol.. They couldnt get to the love seat because of my christmas tree. it was so funny...
Yep the boys have free run of the house which is how I like it. I do feel bad for the non dog lovers who visit but oh well right? lol
Yep .. all our dogs are allowed on the couch. Luckily I have removable and washable covers on the couches we have right now. I don't think I'll be as lucky to find the same kind of couch when it is time to replace them. So I guess I'm just going to have to put up with the slobber stains! :heart:
Removable covers? How lucky. Take a photo so I can see your couch!
Yes we do they even have their own couch, one in one corner and the one in the other. They are funny to watch if one of them gets in the others corner, like kids he's in my spot or she looked at me.
We allow our bulldogs on the furniture if we are in the room... At one time they could get on it whenever they wanted until they decided to have a pillow fight and when I woke up the next day it looked like a tornado passed through the living room!!!! It was kind of a sweet/sour moment..... was upset but it was funny at the same time to see their faces.... they just knew it was the wrong decision to make!!! lol =)

[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] This is the loveseat .. complete with Angel the cat and an assortment of toys!!

The seat covers come off and so do the two back covers. They are also reversible - two slightly different patterns on each side.
Yes, both Samson and my beagle Loki are allowed on all the furniture. Thankfully we have leather couches so the hair isn't a real problem. Samson is allowed on our bed too, he sleeps with us every night and has since he was a baby. Wouldn't have it anyother way. Little Mrs Beaglesworth on the other hand sleeps in her kennel. We tried letting her sleep with us too but she gets up in the middle of the night and does bad things.
Yup, Stig's allowed on the couch. We still need to clean up the master so that's practically the only room in the house he hasn't been in. As [MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION] says, the only people who quiver when they see Stig on the couch are non-petowners and that's practically everyone of my (and my bf's) fam! But I figure they just don't know what they're missing, that's all.

[MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION] - Curious, what naughty things? lol. :D
Boy do I feel bad, when I had my dalmatian she slept on my bed tell she was to old to get up there and then she slept by my bed, and they were on the furniture tell they were to big. (there were 12 babies) But when we got Chesty, (I was married by then) and my husband said no to the furniture, and I said no to my bedroom as that was Cheyenne's place. I must admit thought Mello sits in my lap and loves it.....
Vegas is allowed on all furniture EXCEPT the couch, I try to keep one piece of furniture for company so when they stand up they don't have Vegas hairs all over their bottoms. Joe and I sit in the loveseat all the time anyway, with Vegas right in between us. He knows he is not allowed on the couch so when he is being crazy doing laps around the dining room he will run in the living room and jump on the couch, by the time I tell him to get down, he is already off of the couch, he likes to "tease" me quick jump up and off he goes!! :lol:
all furniture and beds!!! Our entire pet family is spoiled(two bullie one Belgiun Malanois and a cat) Our couch is leather, so we cover it with a blanket and change it out. Of course when company is here, we leave the blanket off. All animals also sleep in our bed....King size of course. And in the RV, again all furniture and beds.
I wish! we don't let butler on the main couch because we don't want him up there when we eat or have people over. Daddy doesn't know that i do however let butler on our round couch when he isn't home. >.< it is the perfect size for me and my baby, it swivels and i'm the only one who uses it. he doesn't understand that he can get up there when dad isn't home but not when he is. poor butler, i confuse him. he is allowed on the bed, especially when i do my fb-ing or now my ebn-ing or homework, and last night i finally convinced mario to let butler sleep with us! we need a king bed for that though. :lol:

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