If you have a dog, please PLEASE get pet insurance!


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Dec 30, 2023
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My take is that you NEVER know when an emergency happens, and you won’t feel it until you're in a life and death situation. You think bad things like this don’t happen, but they actually do, accidents can happen, puppies eat everything they see and it can cause blockage. It’s annoying having a monthly premium until your dog needs multiple sets of X-rays, pain management, and multiple appointments in the span of a couple months. No one would want to be faced with the decision of coming up with $10k for emergency surgery or letting their loved Puppy die. It's like a seat belt, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Pet insurance industry is not well regulated. Do your research before buying a policy, read the sample terms for the plans, and figure out what's in your budget and what you'd like covered if you do decide to go that route. BTW sometimes your employer may offer it.

Some people will say it's a waste of money and to just make a savings account for it. The problem with a savings account is that if something happens BEFORE you've built up enough in your account, then what do you do? Also it's finite and depleting. If you have regular issues, your savings account might deplete quickly and then you'll be stuck.

There are plenty of articles to read online which explain what I'm outlining here in more detail if you're still unsure. Here is a good article about comparison between 7 best pet insurance companies: https://thswiftest.com/the-best-pet-insurance-compared.

Just make sure you really understand what is covered, what isn't covered and what amount you will still be responsible for. Actually read the policy and make sure what it says matches up with your understanding of what they cover. Call or email the ins. co. for clarification if needed.
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Feb 19, 2015
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I do agree with you but some of us rescue older bulldogs and unfortunately insurance is totally out of the question. We have had our new rescue since 27th November, a grand total of 34 days! Since then, we have spent approximately $2800 on him for surgeries and medical care. He was not with a bulldog rescue that normally would have taken care of these issues. Although the rescue meant well and thought they were doing their best; they didn't have a clue about bulldogs. I am not blaming them at all, they took him away from a useless owner who had picked him up as a stray and then just didn't take care of him. They tried.
We have to rely on a savings account and trust me, money does not grow on trees for us. It's a risk we take.


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Jan 10, 2016
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I have a credit card just for my 7+8 yr old dogs. Knock on wood……..I’ve barely used it. Why? Cause of this ⤵️

I'm with @1Chumly n to add something else here, any breed, yes ANY breed, a person needs to do their homework on the seller/ breeder. Rescue is a different situation but, rule of thumb on any wannabe pet owner, research the background of the seller, parents of the puppy, ask if puppy comes with a guarantee for at least a couple years especially any flat nose breed, feed quality ingredients, get a proper vet especially if they are trying to sell you vet prescription dog/cat food, that’s a red flag imo. Yes IMO. Maintenance is the key to a healthy pet just like in humans. Feed your pet fresh ingredients if possible, if not use organs as kibble topper. Yes Maintenance! You’ll see less of your vet if you follow them rules.

Here in Canada, insurances are expensive just like living here.
250$ PER dog PER month for 8yrs. Do the math. The most I’ve spent was for getting dogs fixed n a couple other normal dog things. So Yes Maintenance I’d the key 👍


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Jan 20, 2016
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We also have a CC and $cash$ set aside for emergencies. The last time we used it was to pay for a mylogram for Oscar Mayer way back in the late ‘90s.
That test at NC State would likely not have been paid for by any insurance co.
IMO, it’s best to self insure…or…do not take on the responsibility of pet(any pet) ownership.
Insurance companies are in business to make money, as much as they can. Even the highest priced insurance can be difficult to work with when the time comes to make a claim. Claims associates are hired to do ONE THING…minimize the cost of the claim…the same as an adjuster, and if that means throwing up a few road blocks during the claim process, that’s what they will do.


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Dec 9, 2016
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Most everyone knows the issues Jax has had. I am beyond thankful I had pet insurance on him as he’s had 4 surgeries plus laser therapy, acupuncture, etc. which over the years probably total over $40,000 and with the insurance I got 90% back after the yearly $250 deductible. Over the last year, I was paying $250 a month which was still worth it to me as there is no way I ever would have been able to pay for his multiple surgeries. The last renewal it was going up to $458 per month and so I had no choice but to cancel it. Jax will be 11 in April so I probably won’t/wouldn’t do another surgery anyways.

None of my other dogs have insurance and they’ve thankfully been healthy with the occasional ear infection or what have you.


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Jul 28, 2011
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there truly are pros and cons to this topic.... it is a personal decision all the way around.

I do not use insurance, we have a credit card and saving s for the pups


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Apr 30, 2013
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When I got Sophie and registered her with AKC I got 30 days free pet insurance and let me tell you that was a lifesaver as she ended up getting pneumonia a couple weeks after I got her and spent a week at the ER Vet, her total bill was close to $8,000, I do have Care Credit to cover the bills but no way I could afford to pay that. I switched to a different pet insurance and have used it several times because six months later she got pneumonia again and needed palate surgery. I never believed in pet insurance and always thought it was a waste of money but I am happy I had it for Sophie.


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Jan 12, 2012
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I personally don't do the insurance. Here in NY it was going to cost me roughly $900 per dog per year and there were so many things bulldog related that would be excluded so it made no sense for me. For the most part, the first year is the hardest in terms of spending with shots and a spay/neuter. I have the care credit card which really rocks because depending on the total it will give you certain periods with zero interest. So I try to feed my babies as well as I can, keep up with their care and maintenance, and rely on the card if I need it. Three bulldogs in and it has been the best move for us personally. This is definitely one of those situations where there is no wrong or right.

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