1. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Harley~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    He is a 2-year-old Tri-Color Bulldog male that came into rescue when he was found abandoned at a dump. Literally, he was thrown out like trash, but he is safe is in rescue now. He has been neutered, had his soft palate done, vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative), and microchipped. He is a...
  2. Zedsded

    When we’re you ready to get another Bulldog?

    Hi everyone, for anyone that didn’t see the post we lost are beautiful boy Dudley very recently and obviously both miss him so much every day. I used to always say I couldn’t have another one when we lose Dudley because i seemed to spend so much time worrying about him. Weirdly within a week...
  3. Zedsded

    Dudleys gone too soon

    Cant believe i am sat here writing these words about my big baby boy, buts he’s gone. Dudley Died on Wednesday afternoon While he was at the vets we are still numb and in shock And feel like i should wake up from this nightmare soon and he’ll be where he should laid on my lap now with me on the...
  4. E

    Pros and cons of a 2nd bulldog

    Hey all, so my breeder got back to me and said i could get 1 from an upcoming litter.i want another but am also a bit weary since things are going so well with my current guy whos 5 and dont know if i wanna disturb a good thing. Anyone have any experience with getting a 2nd? If so, is girl...
  5. T

    New to the forum

    I’m new here but not so new to the EB life. Our family welcomed our first EB Oscar into our family 9 years ago and that’s when our life’s would never be the same. He filled our life with so much joy, laughter, snoring, and of course the farts! He lived a healthy life with very little issues...
  6. Mom of Tucker

    What would you do?

    I went to visit a guy I have been dating for a while, this past weekend. I brought Jasper with me so he could get away from the house. To my surprise, he (not Jasper) asked me to sweep before I left! He has never asked this before, so I wasn't sure if he was serious or just joking. However, he...
  7. bubbaisapig

    Please pray for my sweet Bubba

    I woke up this morning at 5 AM to a loud noise. Bubba normally sleeps on the bed I found him on the floor next to the bed. I don’t know if he fell off or he was on the floor and knocked over a small wall decor that was resting near bed, that I hadn’t hung up yet. When I found him he was not...
  8. J

    Hercules 3rd Birthday!

    Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted but I thought I’d share a photo of our Hercules on his third birthday! Oh and an older photo of him at 5 months 😂🐶 He is such an amazing boy and has been a wonderful addition to the family! Hope everyone is having an amazing day! 😊🐶
  9. C

    Help Needed! Hair loss with black specs

    I’m hoping for a little help . I just noticed yesterday my little boy Taz has started losing his hair . When I first got him he had an issue with his fur and the vet gave me a medication shampoo but this looks completely different. Does anyone have any idea what this could be ??
  10. C

    Tomorrow my Boy will cross the Rainbow Bridge

    Hello All....tomorrow I have the unfortunate task of taking my boy to cross the Rainbow Bridge. It’s hard to say goodbye and I love him dearly but its quality of life, not quantity. This forum has helped me over the years for advice, and support. Thank you to everyone and wish us luck.
  11. L

    Need diet help for my overweight boy.

    Hello everyone, I am new around these parts. I have a 7yr old English bulldog (Hercules) who has been under the care of family in Florida for the last 18 months due to me breaking my femur. Because of the lack of exercise and possible over feeding plus various table scraps he has put on a TON...
  12. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Navin~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Navin is an energetic, playful and hilariously stubborn 6 yr old boy. He is very expressive, when he does not feel like going for a long walk he will let you know! Navin loves stuffed toys and can toss them in the air for himself to catch. He also adores his giant Minnie Mouse doll. He is not...
  13. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Nicky~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Nicky is an amazing 1 year old bulldog with non-stop energy. He can outrun your marathon practice, out-jump your parkour attempts, and win tug-of-war any day of the week! You may think "Boy, he'll tire me out" and you are right, he's not your traditional sit on the couch bulldog. Nicky wants to...
  14. JennieS

    Story Time with Bulldogs!

    Have ya'll seen where people are telling their dogs stories with their favorite words to get their reactions? I did it with Hazel and Brutus. Hazel apparently knows no words and Brutus is the smartest boy alive :P I can't wait to see some of your bullies fave words.
  15. S


    Good day all! I'm new the the community and English Bulldogs in general. I'm picking up my first Bully tomorrow morning. His name is "Jackson" he's two, well behaved, a black & white. Very cool boy! The people I'm getting him from have a two year old and a new baby on the way. They are...
  16. 1Chumly

    Another episode for Buster

    This happened again this morning. No butt spinning this time. He has had a few shorter duration ones too. I didn't get the very beginning where he starts walking and humping. Please excuse me yelling at Barney in the middle of it, I didn't want him involved! He also never usually pays any...
  17. B

    Greetings and Salutations

    Greetings All, Sending you good vibes from the state of Maryland. Former bulldog owner who has been without a dog for a few years after having to put my boy down. This sunday we will be picking up this little guy (OEB) who goes by Bo Diddley. I have a 9 yr old son who is probably more excited...
  18. J

    Bulldog hiding spot

    Fat boy in a box. The snoring had an echo.
  19. oscarmayer

    Last week it was MINI rattling the windows...this week Bubba...

    I swear he has no rhythm in his breathing/snoring with his inconsistent pauses between breaths. He's an apnea boy for sure. Listen for the surprise ending...
  20. S

    DNA & Color Testing

    So it’s time to get my dogs tested. My girl is obviously a black Merle. My boy is a chocolate tri. I’m Looking into color testing. Some of the tests aren’t necessary but I’m a little overwhelmed on which tests I actually should do. Should I go and ahead and do a full panel color testing + Merle...