1. gobronco

    Bruno is doing well

    Hi people. haven't been on for a while. life's trials. Bruno is doing well. At 19 months old he still thinks he is a puppy. Ankle biter. Crazy the little white deaf dog is doing well too and had her 9th birthday a few months ago. Crazy is the one laying on the couch. Bruno is the one...
  2. Zedsded

    Wesleys 6 month old and getting bigger!

    Wes has just had his 6 month birthday :D and went for a vet check up, everything doing well and steadily putting weight on hes 46lb now and getting heavy to lift in and out of the car! :yes::D
  3. S

    Giving surprise grooming session to my arlo

    its my Arlo birthday and i want ti give him a token of love by giving him a grooming session I found a grooming kennel did i give this as a gift or not to Arlo did he become happy after grooming session thanks fellows:) i am so excited to see arlo reaction:)
  4. sisters3

    Happy Birthday Joey Girl !!!

    My sweet Joey Girl turned six years old yesterday. Combination Memorial Day celebration and Joey's birthday! She had an amazing day! Dear Sweet Joey, On your sixth birthday I want you to know that you are the sunshine, smiles, happiness, blue skies, and LOVE of my life. Thank you for being...
  5. cefe13

    Lick mat?

    Have any bulldogs here experience of lick mats (there's one called Lickimat, for instance)? It is a rubber mat with some texture and you spread raw food or some treat and apparently it will keep dogs and their brains busy. I have no idea if this is something that Castor would like, so thought...
  6. ddnene

    Happy 7th Birthday Wallygator...

    Yesterday we celebrated Wallygator's 7th Birthday!!! He got new toys, doggie ice cream... but frankly, for some reason this year his favorite "gift" was the bag :facepalm2: It was hysterical because we've never seen him react to the wrappings before... LMAO!!! AND yes I know that his left eye...
  7. Hceril

    Look who turned 4!

    It wasn’t a great weekend for a celebration but we love our girl more than words can express! Happy Birthday Miss Bella!
  8. ddnene

    Happy 5th Birthday Willow!!!

    Little Miss Willow turned 5 years old today... hard to believe!!! She got a new bed last week, and she pitched a fit to see it!!! I was trying to air it out and hide it, well she saw me and tried to jump on top of MY bed to get to it :facepalm2: Anyhoo... she got ice cream, new toys AND her...
  9. J

    Hercules 3rd Birthday!

    Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted but I thought I’d share a photo of our Hercules on his third birthday! Oh and an older photo of him at 5 months 😂🐶 He is such an amazing boy and has been a wonderful addition to the family! Hope everyone is having an amazing day! 😊🐶
  10. Oscar Olde Bulldogge

    Oscar’s Birthday!!

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share that it’s Oscar’s birthday today. He’s 1 year old. Oscar is an amazing 71lb Olde English Bulldogge. He never ceases to give our family love and many laughs each and every day. He is simply the best companion and addition to our family we could have asked for...
  11. mer55

    Birthday Bullies!

    Finally think I figured out how to post video. This was Jackson and his brother Ruger's first birthday! Jackson and Ruger are on the ends, Bogey (age8) is in the middle! Love these guys!
  12. mer55


    Jackson and Ruger turned ONE!! We had a pupcake birthday breakfast party!! Sadly, Bogey and Ruger went home today. Jackson is passed out, and mom and dad are about the same!! Fun times!!!
  13. sisters3

    My Girl Joey is FIVE YEARS OLD !!

    Dear Joey.... I will NEVER be able to explain the JOY you've brought into my life. My best friend FOREVER...… Happy Birthday Sweet Girl and MANY MANY MANY more!!!!! Love, Mom
  14. Chunky White

    Chunky turns 35 today!!

    Master Chunky White turns 5 in human years today. Its been a good 5 years and he's been a blessing to me and those around him. I don't take many pics these days but will post some of the better recent ones and one from around when I got him. The first pic was from a few weeks back when he dozed...
  15. KimberlyS


    Bubba turned 7 on May 6th and I usually have a big party for him but with the coronavirus going on and the social distancing rule we decided to have a small celebration at home. My fiance has an Anetolian Shephard who just happens to of been born the same month and year as Bubba so we...
  16. Marine91

    It's My Birfday!

    Happy 7th Birthday to my lovable snot rocket Harlea. Where has the time gone? I cannot imagine my life without her and the many of you that have been on this ride with me since before I brought her home oh so long ago. Right now she is enjoying her after breakfast smoothie and she will have a...
  17. Oscar Olde Bulldogge

    Oscar’s 6 month 1/2 Birthday!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share that Oscar just turned 6 months old. He’s a healthy 52lbs and stands 17.5” tall. It’s his Happy Half Birthday!
  18. bullmama

    I just realized.........Happy Birthday!

    I just realized today that EBN had her 10th birthday a few days ago on January 29th!!!! Wow - 10 years and still helping bulldogs all over! Happy Birthday English Bulldog News!!! :beerparty::confetti::birthday3::birthday2::birthday 7:
  19. ddnene

    Happy 6th Birthday Wallygator!!!

    Today was Walter's 6th birthday... he got his favorite ice cream from Culver's, new orange ball & tug toys BUT he got VERY excited to see a NEW LARGE orange ball. That is his absolute FAVORITE TOY EVER!!! This is the oldest aged bulldog that we've ever owned, and I would like to THANK all of...
  20. Zedsded

    Dudleys all grown up! birthday boy!

    Its actually a belated birthday, i just didn't get chance to post last week! he had plenty of presents to unwrap, which is obviously the best bit! :D can't believe he's 5!!!!!!