Your Best Spoiled Bully Stories


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May 7, 2010
Southern California
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While trying to think of how to do the spoiled photo challenge picture with Samson I thought of an idea, lets share our best stories that show how spoiled your bully(s) is. Mine is this:

Samson swallowed a toy in April 2010, it had to be surgically removed. This was a serious surgery since they have to cut thru the abdomenal muscles to get to the stomach to get the toy and the incision site was pretty long. They told me not to allow Samson to run or jump (as much as possible) for 2 weeks and it would take a full month for the abdomenal muscle to heal completely. Well that means no sleeping in bed with us, I can't chance him jumping off our bed and injuring himself. Couldn't have him downstairs and chance him jumping on and off the couches. He couldn't sleep in the guest room because he'll jump up on the bed. I didn't want to leave him in the other guest room that doesn't have a bed with just a regular dog bed to sleep on, how sad he sleeps in bed with mommy and daddy every night on a king size pillow top mattress so that just wouldn't be right. So what do I do? I drag the full size mattress from the guest room with a bed to the one without, place it on the floor covered in a fleece sheet, comforter and pillow. This way he could sleep in total comfort because that is what my son deserves! Oh and I had to carry his 55 lbs body up/down the stairs every night/morning to get him to and from his bedroom because he wasn't supposed to use the stairs, he is really way too heavy for me to be doing that!

Thats one of my spoiled stories, can't wait to hear everyone elses!


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
Samson deserved it tho. :) Not sure what would be the most spoiled story but just last night we cut into the brand new kong wubba that santa brought for cutty just so he could have a new ball. The price of the wubba is like 15 or 18 bucks I think and I am sure most of it is for the fabric part that he could care less about. All he wants is that dang ball out of there and he doesnt understand that he needs to work to get it. Lets just say he was a happy camper once he saw it last night cuz if you could see his old ball it was split in half and as my mil said it looks like a pasta shell that you would stuff. lol. I am sure there are better and more spoiled stories for Cutty but since my mind is blank right now that is all I have. :)


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Jul 28, 2010
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Winston, Hitch, Layla, Sugar Boo
Winston loves massages. Rubbing his tummy just wont do!!! He wants a real shoulder massage and LOVES to have his feet rubbed also. When your done with one, he will give you the other and lay down so you can get his back feet. He gets very excited when he sees the massage table! He even uses the head rest!! :up:


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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well... when we were going away on our cruise last August.. almost every night for a few weeks prior, my husband would take Chester over to my in-laws so he could "get used" to their house when he stayed with them and he wouldn't be so scared. Keep in mind the kennel - up to this point - was always OK for our shih tzu! :whistle:

Not to mention the little things like:

He made him a seat for his SUV
He got a Christmas present and I didn't
He uses my GOOD WASHCLOTHS to wipe his butt when he gives him a bath! :eek:

Oh..I could go on and on.. but I spoil him too! :luv:


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Jun 2, 2010
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Too much to list for me, he gets the best treatment in the family from all of us, it is hard to not spoil them!!


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Aug 13, 2010
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lex 19 months
Winston loves massages. Rubbing his tummy just wont do!!! He wants a real shoulder massage and LOVES to have his feet rubbed also. When your done with one, he will give you the other and lay down so you can get his back feet. He gets very excited when he sees the massage table! He even uses the head rest!! :up:
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im a massage therapist too.. i have never thought about putting him on the table but i do rub his head and shoulders all the time lol..


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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
Before I even started reading the stories..I said to myself "I bet they will say she's not spoiled..she's entitled" And guess what? I love all the explanations you and Lari have for the Princess. Breathing with authority was the best!
I think out of our two..Orion might be more spoiled than Vegas. Up until I hurt my arm...I carried Orion to bed every night. All our bedrooms are on the 2nd level. Orion and I are night owls and me more than her. She eventually falls asleep and when she does..hates to be woken up. So, in order to get her in her kennel upstairs, I'd have to pick her up and carry her upstairs to bed. Otherwise, she'd just give me the stink eye...reposition herself, and fall back to sleep.


Aug 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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HRH Princess Gracie, aka: HRH; Princess Amelia Pond, aka: Amy
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] .......... I about fell off my chair when I read that Lari had said 'breathing with authority' for snoring this morning... LOL Gracie is the most loving, sweet, thing Ive ever seen so if she may be juuuuuust a wee bit on the spoilt side,,,, so be it,,, she IS my Princess (and so is Lari:heart:) ;) ;)

Gertie's Mom

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Jul 17, 2010
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Gertie & Ida
I think my girls are not spoiled, they are just very well taken care of. :lol: But we might have just slightly over-done it when we went to Denver a few months back. We took a road trip, girls each in a crate in the back seat. They were younger then and still fit into the smaller wire crates, and by putting them in the back seat, back-to-back, they fit perfectly. So we could have made this trip in about 14 hours, by driving straight thru, which we've done many times before (my in-laws are all in Denver). But we had to do "potty-breaks" along the way. So we started looking for grass and a tree, since it was Sept. and still pretty warm out. We ended up looking for parks whenever we'd pull off the freeway. Sometimes we'd be half an hour, finding a nice park to let the girls out so they could potty, stretch their legs and have a drink of water. Of course this meant we also had to stop part way and get a room, but we had such a fun trip with them along. The extra time was well worth it. They were such good little travlers. This was when they were 4 1/2 months old.


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Nov 28, 2010
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i try to spoil mr. butler since he is a rescue, i want to make up for his bad times. nothing out of the ordinary for a bully owner though. i love [MENTION=939]NikkiSchoolcraft[/MENTION] massage picture. too cute. we are going to las vegas for march madness :down: i hate vegas, but it is my hubby's christmas/birthday gift to go. i said he can go but i'm staying here because i don't have anyone to babysit butler, so hubbs got a dog room for us! it's so cute, they give you little bowls for food and water, treats (probably crappy ones i won't feed), and there is a dog run/mini park! i won't have to be away from my child :). since it will be cold in march and i can't sunbathe and drink 15 dollar cocktails, i'll be cozied up in the room with butler :heart: while the husband gambles our money away.


Aug 4, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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(HRH) Her Royal Highness Princess Gracie & Princess Amelia Pond (Amy)
To say that our princess has changed life in our household in the short time we have had her is an understatement.

It's never been mentioned here before but we ( Bruce, me and Gracie) aren't the only inhabitants of our house. Bruce's adult son "rents" a room upstairs. He mostly keeps to himself, or did prior to the arrival of her highness. There would be days in a row I wouldn't even see him. Now however he comes into the den a few times a day to see Gracie. We have had more conversations (about Gracie) in the last 5 months than we have had in the last 8 years! He got "us" a Christmas gift this year for the first time ever....A VERY generous gift card to the pet supply store!

So we aren't the only ones that think she's entitled!

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