You will NEVER believe what Bacon just did!


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Sep 9, 2010
West Branch Iowa
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Hey Guys!

Haven't been on in awhile have been very busy with work, school, and family. Bacon's been doing pretty good, he had another surgery on his eye a couple weeks ago, and it seems to be healing a lot better then the first time, and overall hes been healthy. We are still working on the potty training with him, which seems to be up and down. We will think he understands that he is only to go potty outside, and he will go days without and accidents then all of a sudden he will have a streak of "naughty days" were all he does is go inside! :angry:

Well today is def one of the naughty days... it started last night when we bought him a new doggy bed and put it in his crate for him to sleep on. In the middle of the night I wake up to him crying, so i figured he had to potty... when i went to let him out i saw he already did... right on his brand new bed! Then he peed on the carpet in our office right in front of Kyle right after his bath.. so we put him outside for a bit. Then this is where he gets really bad....
I was in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake and Bacon was in the living room by himself playing, out of nowhere i hear him come in and I look down to see him peeing ON ME!!! That's right he peed right on my foot. :angry: Now he has an angry momma!
LOL when I read the title my immediate thought was "Oh yes I can believe anything now!"

Hmmm..... you may be the first that I know of who was officially marked by her bully boy! :lol:
Well, I feel less sorry for myself now after Truman refused to go outside in the rain then took a giant poop and pee in the kitchen while I was in the shower. :angry:
Oh the joys of getting an adult dog! This kind of thing is exactly one of the reasons we did! I hope he finally gets with the program soon!
Wow you certainly did have a bad streak of a day!! those day's will get fewer soon. (hopefully) patience and lot's of rewards when he does go pee/poo outside.
LOL....not funny but funny! I am trying to picture that...being shocked that he did it, laughing at the fact that he actually did that then upset that he actually peed on you.

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