What a SPOILED boy I have!


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May 7, 2010
Southern California
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Last night I was in my kitchen making dinner and from my sink I can see out our back door into the back yard. I looked up to see Dave sitting at the patio set and Samson at his feet with his back to Dave. Dave was massaging Samson's back like he was a little person! Massaging his shoulders, his back and this went on for a couple minutes. After Dave stopped, Samson turned around and looked at him like "daddy you aren't done yet." Then Dave started massaging him again! They didn't know I was watching and this wasn't the first time I have witnessed this! All I could think was seriously Samson gets away with anything he wants with BOTH of us! That little boy has us both wrapped around his little paw!
Oh my...that is so sweet! i would have to go get in line and say "I'm next". Samson sure is a handsome bully no wonder he is spolied!
You're right .... our bullies get better treated than we do!!:luv:
They really do become like a kid to us don't they!
Yep, he is spoiled! What a lucky boy!!
too cute and im sure dave denies it too if you asked him lol... man i wish i was a dog getting massages everyday, sleeping all day, sticking your head out the window of a car.... haha
I think it's "hot" when I see guys doing that with bullies.... I tell that to my hubby whenever he does things like that with Norm. (I don't mean this in a bad way...)

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