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Jan 31, 2010
Apple Valley Ca
Bulldog(s) Names
Sir Pendragon of Brymar(Chief for short) And Lady Ireland of Brymar
Hello I go by Pendragon. That is my EB reg name. I have had him for almost a yr now. His home name is Chief, Which in celtic Pendragon is Chief. So he is Sir Pendragon of Brymar... I am glad that there is now a place to come and share and learn more about the breed. My uncle had a Bulldog when I was growing up and he was HUGE lol..

I am also into horses. I am owned by one right now. I am a mom of 5 and grandma of 2. Married to a wonderful man. Thanks for letting me join...
Welcome to the site! I like your Bullies name, very original and meaningful. We should start a topic about that! I will do that right away. Please post often, we are a new community and our members is what will bring this whole thing to life! Thank you for joining!

Horses are wonderful creatures. Any chance you have pictures of your bulldog and horses to post? Would love to see them!
Ok I uploaded a few pictures into my album. My avitar is of Chief at 8 weeks old
Hello Pendragon, beautiful bully you have!
Thanks desertskysbulldogs, I love your picture of your babies too... The breeder that I got my boy from was in AZ to but then her hubby got transfer to So Cal. I am glad they did or I would not have my boy...


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