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Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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So some have you have read that Vegas has been acting different this week, he is sleeping way more than normal, yet is eating and drinking, no signs of illness, ears are very clear, allergies are actually pretty good this week.

His Potty habits are normal, and actually last night he did perk up a little bit and we had about 30 min. of some hard play. He is just sleeping way more than normal for him.

I have an appt. this Friday for his 2 year old check-up along with all his shots. I am also taking him in with the concern of him sleeping and perhaps being depressed along with his check-up.

I was just talking to my husband and I think I am going to hold off on his shots for a few weeks to see if he snaps out of this sleeping all the time. I don't want to add anything else to the puzzle. I will most certainly still take him to be checked but I don't want to add all his shots on top of his strange behavior over the last week.

I think I am right to be cautious, and wait to see if he perks up some, I guess I just want some confirmation that what I am thinking is the right thing to do. Thank You.
Yes..I totally agree! Poor Vegas..first do no harm..need to see if there's a physical thing going on with him. Will be waiting to hear.
I really hope all is fine with Vegas. No clue on what it could be?
Hope everything turns out great and there is nothing wrong with Vegas, but I agree with you on waiting for his shots I wouldnt want anymore undue stress on his body until you find out what is wrong with that beautiful face of his. Please keep us informed with his diagnosis, I know everyone will be worried right along with you.
See about having him tested for his Thyroid. My senior boy Ace has been on Thyroid pills forever. It was a balancing act of getting him on the right dosage at first though and it required a couple of blood tests. One of the symptoms for canines is lethargy and that's what clued us in for Ace in the beginning.
I agree with you and everyone else. Hold off and find out what is making him sleep so much. Shots can come later. Keep is posted on handsome Vegas.
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Thanks for validating what I already thought. My gut says to wait, he is not technically due for his shots til June 1st but since I was going Friday for his allergey shot and anal glands I thought I would just get his shots, so I can wait a few more weeks.
Why am I disagreeing? I think I'd talk it over with his vet and see what he says about delaying his shots before deciding. Shots aren't a traumatic event and certainly are an aid to their health.
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION] I 100% agree shots are Very important, but again Vegas is just not acting like Vegas, he is not technically due for his shots til the first week of June. If I get his shots and he still sleeps more than normal how will I know if it is what he is going through or the shots now messing him up? We are going to keep the appt. and I will discuss with our vet.
Good luck with Vegas. Hope he is ok! I would hold off on the shots too! Please keep us posted and let us know on Friday.
If the shots aren't due for another month then I see no reason why not to delay for a bit. Paticularly if it makes you feel more comfortable. It's so strange that Vegas is still acting strange. Let us know what the vet says tomorrow??!!
I don't see anything wrong with waiting for his shots since they aren't due yet. Like I said before though, if I were you I would get a blood test and a parasite test done to make sure everything is ok. I say that because obviously you are concerned and this would let you know if there is a reason to be concerned or not. I am sure he is fine but it sounds like you would prefer to KNOW he is fine. It sounds like you already know your vet is just going to blame it on bulldog laziness but it sounds like you already aren't sure that is the case because he became lazy/lethargic suddenly. Just my thoughts. I'll be thinking of you Kelly and your handsome Vegas :heart::bully:
Like everyone else said, definitely not a bad idea to hold off on shots, especially since he isn't due for another 3 weeks or so. Good luck at the vet! Will be thinking of you and your cutie pie Vegas! :hug: Hugs

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