Update of Vasculitis Puppy - Not Growing! Ideas?


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Apr 10, 2011
Hello everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all your moms. Update on my pup who had the Staph and then developed into Vasculitis. This was the pup that had what looked like a flesh eating bacteria? Some of you may remember my post from about a month ago.

He's healed beautifully! Nothing short of a miracle, however, tomorrow this pup is 7 weeks old and he is 2.5lbs. Not growing at all like his 6lb sister! Has anyone had a pup that just doesn't grow? The vet examined him last week and was amazed at how well he has done and heart, lungs, eyes, ears are all great. But he is not growing.

Any ideas of anything I can do? He's on Iams. He's just about the size of a large rat! Thanks


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Jan 28, 2010
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I am so happy to hear he is better!!!!

I would assume the battle against this has stunted his growth. I would personally get him on a better dog food along with a supplement. First talk it over with your vet, and if you do change food do it very very slowly as you don't want to mess up him at all. I would recommend Fromm puppy, since it has probiotics and is very nutrient enriched. This should also boost his immune system. But like I said, talk it over with your vet first and see what they think.


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Jun 23, 2010
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Everything else is fine? He eats and Poos fine? My Bella was stunted, very stunted until her medical diagnosis, but until a final diagnosis, the vet thought a heart issue and was put on Heart meds, but then that still didn't work and they searched even more. There maybe something else going on, that is why the staph to begin with (weak immunity)

I hope you have answers real soon!


Mar 25, 2011
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One of the pups from jakes litter was very very small. Later they found he had a hole in his heart. But the heart has been ruled out in your case. I agree with everyone else..seems like an underlying issue. And a better food for sure..if like was said..your vet approves. Maybe he just had such a tough battle to fight..he used up his energy on that..now on to growing.

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