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Jul 22, 2011
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Hi all! I have a 1.5 year old female bully and we just got home from the vet a few hours ago. Daisy has been having what I would call tremors all weekend. He face/chin starts shaking and then her shoulders. It doesn't matter if she is hot/cold/tired/excited etc. The vet said it might be a side effect from an antibiotic she is on or it could be the start of Epilepsy. Has anyone else out there experience anything similar with their bully?


Mar 25, 2011
Southern California
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Hi..I don't but lots of people here do..while you wait for them to find this..try searching for head tremors..there are lots of posts with great info..even a blog and video.

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Jul 7, 2011
East Texas
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Our Chloe has head tremors. Unfortunately, it's just one of the quirks that go with some bullies. Our vet says it's nothing to worry about...some folks say it can be from low blood sugar. Chloe had her first tremors after being spayed at six months old. Her vet said it could be stress or hormonal...not to worry. One thing we found helpful...we keep frozen yogurt in the freezer and if Chloe starts to tremor, we offer the frozen yogurt for her to lap up. Believe it or works...the tremors stop. It doesn't happen often at all. Did your bullie recently go through something stressful, surgery or a change in lifestyle, etc? Bulldogs are wonderful and make the best companions but they do have some strange "health problems".


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Feb 2, 2011
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We too have experienced Head Tremors.. and it is frightening! We too thought it was seizures, but after testing, and many opinions - we learned that it was indeed head tremors.
We were also told that it could be low blood sugar or a calcium deficiency. We tried to give Otis some sugar when the tremors would start.. That didn't work... Then we started him on Tums.. for the calcium, and that didn't work. We now give him 1/4 cup of cottage cheese every morning with his breakfast, and that seems to be doing the trick. He was having tremors that would last for 8-17 minutes, and he was fully aware of what was going on.. and would come out of it and continue playing. Now if he has a tremor (which is RARE), it lasts less than a minute or two at the most. And it mostly happens when he lays on his right side. I'm also very very diligent about keeping his ears clean too. Not sure if wax build up in the ear causes pressure or not, but I would rather be safe and just keep them clean.


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Mar 5, 2011
Hi, my Jacson started having these after he had acl surgery. I don't know if it's something with anesthesia, but if oyu read the article on head tremors, it says as long as the dog responds to you, not to worry. I give him Karo Syrup, or any type of food to change the focus, it does stop and nothing more happens. Sometimes it goes away for awhile, then comes back. Maybe stress related. Just don't get upset, as this will upset the dog, as I said, as long as you get her to respond, don't worry, kind of comes with the territory. LOL


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Jan 12, 2011
Narvon PA
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Calcium pills seem to help my Lacey when she gets head tremors.... I give them to her for about 3 days and then it goes almost 6 months before she gets them again.


Aug 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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@Libra926 has a lot of experience as her Vegas has epilepsy. She has documented a lot of info on it. I strongly suggest you PM her if she doesn't respond to this thread.


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Apr 18, 2011
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usually a squirt of lemon or some honey gets the sugars up very quickly ,hed bobbing or tremors doesnt always mean epilepsy,karen


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Jul 6, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
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When Winston had major surgery for bloat around 2 years of age, he had a year worth of head bobbing tremors that would strike at anytime, but mostly in the middle of the night. Winston would wake up and come to my side of the bed and sit there when a head bobbing tremor would set in. Immediately, I would get Winston his favorite treat, making sure he knew, and saw I had a treat. The treat would captivate Winston's attention so much that the head bobbing tremor would immediately cease. The tremor issue became fewer, and I after about a year, he never had that issue again. Winston would have been 10 years old today :-(


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Feb 18, 2011
Phx, Az.
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Allow me to share my feedback as well. We have one EBD out of 6 that has tremors. He is 5 yo now and has had them for several years now. We did our research to learn about the issue and the possible reasons and solutions. One of the reason that we have identified is when our dog does NOT drink enough water, he will get them. We always have water available inside and outside for them to drink. He just is not a big drinker. When he does drink, he drinks like a camel for up to 3-4 minutes straight. But if he does not drink often enough, he will get a head tremor. Our quick fix is an otter-pop (frozen juice treats by other names also). One usually does it but sometimes two. They are forzen so I break into pieces and he eats it up. He's actually funny to see him eat these. The cold, the liquid and the sugar stops the head tremors almost immediately. We write it down on the calendar to track how often. Summer happens more often due to the heat and it is sometimes months between episodes. This did just happen over the weekend and we realize that he once again was not drinking enough water. We coax him with ice in the water and once he gets to drinking, he will drink a lot.

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Jul 28, 2011
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Both our bullies get head tremors, as well. We actually went to a neurologist and he told us... this is very very common in a number of breads, bullies being one. As long as the dog is aware of what is going on and responsive... they are fine, there is no pain and do not cause any damage. The cause of the tremors, is not know, according to the the specialist we went to in North Jersey.

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