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  • Hi Mike, hope you are doing well! I could see how much love you felt for your boy Winston and how much he loved you too. Take care of yourself and hope we hear from you soon.
    It is so great to hear from you Cindy! I am glad that everyone is hanging in there. Please, keep me posted on how the pregnant bully is doing, and how you and your friend is doing.
    Heh Mike just a short note to let you know that my female is pregnant and due to have her pups around the 12th of Sept. Now like normal worried to death about mommy and the upcoming babies. My friend has just started 6-8 wks of Chemo and Radiation this week, I think personally I would just enjoy what time I have left than do what he is doing but then again I an mot in his situation. I just take care of the dogs for them and make sure they are kept clean. I also have been baking pies and cakes for him since he has a sweet tooth. Dont know what else I could do to help out. Oh well just want to drop you a line and let you know about the upcoming babies I will keep you posted if you want. Cindy
    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. This is definitely a stressful time for you and scary for your friend. I am sure all will work out and being busy with bullies...could not think of a better job :-) Do not overwhelm yourself; take it easy on yourself too. I am sure there are plenty of friends and family that you can deligate tasks to ease the number of missions you are working. Even, if it is running an errand.
    Hi Mike, I too finally had a few minutes to check on whats go on, Thank you for the photo compliment but to be honest most of the photos were taken by a good friend of mine who does wonders with a camera. I have bred my red and white female now 2 times I am breeding her to a reversed brindle male who I have used acouple times the female is Kates mom the red and white pup thats in my album. Hopefully she will take I am going to breed her at least 2 more times . I have a dear friend that was just diagnosed with a very aggressive brain cancer and has 2 of my bullies and I am trying to go and take care of the dogs while he is in the hospital for surgery, just so much going on right now I wished now I didnt start this breeding but know if I have pups that it will help me deal with this tragedy I spend alot of time with my babies to the point that they are spoiled rotten. Have a good evening> Cindy
    Your's was Pumpkin Doodle. I just saw that in your profile after my response. I'm so so very sorry for your loss. I feel your pain.
    Thanks, that's one of my favorite pictures of Wilson. Mr. Toad has followed us to a few places for a photo op :). Your guy is darling!
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