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  • Hey. I read one of your threads about Ellie Mae and her skin condition. Hope she is well and you have it all figured out. I was just wondering if you were ever told the best brand of Omega 3-6's to buy and the dose to give. My male bulldog has recently started losing fur on his back hip in random spots and on his ankle- the skin is black underneath and wanted to try the Omegas as I know it's good for their skin. Just want to be sure what brand to buy and correct dose. We also just started rubbing coconut oil on him and my other bullies for dry skin issues also.
    :snowballfight: SPLAT!! You have been hit with a snowball!!! Pass it on to 5 people, but you can't hit the one that hit you!!
    Hi! I wanted to ask how Ellie is doing after her spay? My Tuni goes in for her spay in two weeks and Mommy is a nervous wreak! We're going out of town 11 days after, but she will be staying with her grandparents who will take great care of her.
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