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  • Hi karenben :) I'm new and have been reading all these post trying to find a good raw diet,. And every time I see your post I agree most with you. Could I ask what you feed and how you stared out? Did you stop kibble cold turkey?
    Hi Karen, I would really like to be able to talk with you about raw feeding ... I use to feed my dogs raw, I would use prepared raw patties and honest kitchen dehydrated raw the dogs loved meal time and seemed to do very well but because my female was part of a breeding program and her breeder/kennel owner does not like raw feeding I had to put Molly on kibble and cooked chicken well she is spayed now and out of the program which means is is forever mine and once I get back to work and start having the extra money I want to go back to raw feeding ... but the prepared raw is fairly expensive and I now have 3 dogs, 2 bulldogs and my sons chocolate lab so I'm thinking buying the meat may be less expensive ... but would love to get your advise. Thanks, Leesa
    i am new to this site and the story of annie which i found on google was what inspired me to switch my bernadette to raw. She has been plagued with skin issues since we got her. Have switched vets that have experience with bulldogs and supports a raw diet. I want to do everything i can for her before I have to resort to steroids regularly -- that cant be good -- this is day 5 on the raw diet and she loves it and is tolerating it well her stools are better and her breath as well but she is still itching and scratching and just want to know when to switch the protien i am using which is chicken -- thank you
    I have wanted to do raw for ages with my bulldogs....Do you know of any site that might give me a menu so that I could learn? It is so hard to figure out what exactly to give on a daily basis. Thank you and your guy looks great!
    Look at brenda prices website eschlusham,she's a lovely lady.bred a few champs really healthy dogs,she's very honest,lives in Wales,I think she's breeding around November I recall right,you can do all the research you want but we have to rely on honest breeders and to be honest most of them are not honest regarding the breeding they do How about a different breed?,karen
    Why does the breeders failure to react not surprise me...some people are just jerks. Well weare all fine really, I'm looking for Lucys baby brother but am taking it slowly, there ae limits to how much research you can do though. Part of me worries about going to the show breeders becuase looking at some of the pedegrees there is a lot of interbreeding...one litter even had both grandparents on dads side with the same dad...bit worrying :( I just want a nice looking healthy boy..that I am not paying the earth for, a shame Lucys breeder has retired her mum cos although she does have a few issues they arent out of control or uncommon...just a few spots now and then x
    hi there, nice to see you visiting. How are you doing :hug:
    I just searched for him on fb but couldn't find anything. Can you send me a link to his page?

    How are you?!?! I think about you every day and I pray Annie finally has some peace :)
    You have been a very good mum. I admire your wisdom and choices you have made. Life has never been easy for some. If it were, we wouldn't learn anything. you have the experience to help others on this site.. I hope you stick around.
    thanks sweety, the link will be great :) so can I use just an optrex gel? is that ok?
    Hiya hunny, Popped in to pick your brains a little. Lucy's eyes are occasionally goopy... sometimes they look a little puffy in the morning but that soon clears. can I get human grade lubricating ointment for them...if so which one should I get. I went to Boots today and came home with nothing except the thought to ask you first xx
    Thank you for the advice for Arnold!! II posted the dang reputation with just a "t" , lol. FAt finger syndrome!!
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