the "Fred Flintstone" run...


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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We let Chester out of his crate when we get home..and if its' been a while he ends up being a bit of a hurry to go outside :eek: And when the above mentioned baby bully runs out of the crate, down the hallway, and tries to navigate on the kitchen floor around the table and out the sliding glass door - he manages to do the "Fred Flintstone". ie: The feet are going a mile a minute but he's not getting anywhere as his bum keeps going one way while the rest tries to round the curve :D
how funny you need to get the camera out next time yall let him out!!!
LOL Mine do that too sometimes, but usually cuz they are trying to beat each other out the door! I had to LOL cuz I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!
I have tile floors throughout my whole house (besides area rugs, and kitchen rugs) I too know EXACTLY what you are talking about. It seems like whenever I take Vegas out to potty and he poops, he comes in sooo proud of himself, and does circles around the tile dining floor with his feet moving 90 miles an hour and he is staying in the same spot!! LOL
I love the Fred Flinstone run. The mom and pop pet shop I take my dogs to on the weekends has sealed concrete floors so they are pretty slick. Piggy loves one of the employees there and everytime she sees her she starts running at the end of her leash and it's utter Fred Flintstone action because she can't get traction at all.
Love it! We have tile everywhere also and playing fetch with Cutty's ball is always a site to see. lol. And yes where is your video?!?!? :)

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