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Feb 27, 2010
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OK, so i have notice(well have noticed for a long time now), but my bullie, dosen't have the "rose" ears or the ears that lay back like you see at the AKC shows, My bullies ears kinda do, but they kinda flop too. Can you still show them if their ears are laid down like that?


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sure. you can still show them if the rest of the conformation is good. there's plenty of champions that don't have the 'best' rosed ears, but they have great conformation otherwise.

you can start showing as early as 6 months old. the best thing to do, if you want to show, is to just try it. see what happens. talk to other people there that are showing or having their dog shown. once you find someone that you are able to talk with (some are snobs, some are waaaay competitive, and some are normal, helpful people that love the breed and showing) then you could ask their thoughts on your dogs ears.

i'll tell you that most of the eb's with the perfectly rosed ears had their ears glued at least once, if not MANY times as pups.


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if you wanted to post a picture of your dog stacking, i'd be happy to give you my 2 cents (which is all it's worth lol!) and i'd also be happy to send the picture to a few other fanciers that know a lot more than i do.

also here's a link to the bca's (bulldog club of america) helpful guide. it kind of shows you what the akc standards look like.

i hope i did that right. :rolleyes:


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I really don't prefer the rose ears, especially if they are over glued. Some breeders go waaaay overboard on glueing the ears. I think bullies are cute with, or without rose ears.

I cannot wait to try to show one of ours someday. Even if we never win, trying it will be a fun and unique experience. I love watching the shows on TV, but next I want to attend some here.
i agree with bulldog. some breeders go overboard on glueing. my little dude can rose his ears back with the best of them when he's in the ring and stacked. otherwise, he likes to chill when them floppy. i think it's the sounds and commotion that help him pull them back in the ring. floppy ears are cute though :)

i'm new to showing, but so far it's FUN. nerve wracking, but fun, for both me and my little dude. and i'm learning a wealth of stuff from other people showing, breeders, and spectators. i'm not sure why some people continue to show after it's no longer fun. i've seen a few handlers and owners smack their dogs in the ring and/or talk mean to them when they don't do perfectly in the ring. i can't believe they're allowed to get away with that.

thankfully, i don't see it often or i don't think i could enjoy showing. i'm the one kissing my boy on the mouth when he's stacked and having a good time with it all :)

if you do decide to go to shows or show for yourself, i'd encourage you to focus on the fun. you'll hear and see all kinds of people-the good, the bad, and the really awesome. take the knowledge you think is helpful and dump the rest. and try to ignore the politics ;)


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