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Jan 31, 2010
Tucson, AZ
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Olaf & Ivana
So me and Olaf will be spending some "mother son time" today =^) The weather is "bully friendly" here in tucson. He hasn't been to the park in 2 whole weeks! I know he will love it. Then we will have to get him another name tag (somehow he lost it?). So just wondering if anyone else likes to spend time togther (as far as getting out and doing things) with their bully/bullies? And what kinda things do you guys do together?
I love to sit on the floor and get bully attacked!
we just spent 4 hours outside (it's 70 and sunny here in vt). my son and horse played in the kiddie pool forever!!! now it's family nap time!
I get on the floor and get kisses from both of my dogs. We also play fetch with the ball and tug of war. Sometimes we just hop in the car and take a drive. My Cocker loves riding in the car and Bertie has ridden in the car about 3 times now and sits very well. I do have safety devices for both of them in my car...a padded harness that goes around their chests and the seat belt attachment. That way if I have to stop quickly, they wont be as likely to get hurt and no force will be put on their necks.

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