Please donate to help save this poor dog! He needs surgery badly!

This really upsets me! Completely preventable. Totally healthy animal now needs some sort of major surgery due to stupidity and just not giving a ****. K I am done now.


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Wow, yesterday when I put this up there was only $175 in the pot, now it is at $988!!! See the widget for the surgery on the home page, down at the bottom left corner. I am reserving this space to help save animals, so check back often!! Make sure you share it on facebook, almost at the goal amount for the surgery!!!! Even if you can only donate $1, it will all add up to saving him!
Good news! Sparrow reached the donations and then some! He will be saved! :)
WOO HOO for Sparrow... I cant believe that someone would crate a big dog like that. I crate my shih tzu but she is tiny and she is in a huge crate at night. ( she is the cat poo bandit ) lol so if I dont crate her at night and the cat goes potty I will more then likely step on left overs in the morning..

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