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Jan 28, 2010
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How to play: Choose an open number or numbers on the grid for a 15.00 donation.
If over 50 numbers are picked the winner will receive 500.00!!!!! If for some reason we don't exceed our 50 numbers it will be a 50/50..
A puppy will be placed on a grid and where he does his/her business is who wins.. Most poo on a square wins. If for some reason equal amount on two or more sqares the winnings would be spit. If puppy is shy a number will be pulled from a hat.
When you decide on a number or numbers PLEASE email [email protected] with your number, name and phone number. To pay you can either use our PayPal account on our website or You can send me a check/money order made out to Detroit Bulldog Rescue, 22934 Main, Armada MI 48005.

All entries must be entered THIS WEEK, first week of May! Help support Bulldog Rescue and possibly win some money!


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