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Apr 24, 2010
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Hi Everyone.. I am the new "mommy" of Chester.. he is 4 months old and he is our first English Bulldog. It's funny, we have a shih tzu who I walk daily and every once in a while someone would tell me what a cute dog. Now, we take Chester and oh boy..I have people stopping to see him.. offering to buy him.. asking where I got him because they would like one.. Bully world is a whole new world! We love him..he's cute, he snores, passes gas, grunts, and hangs his little tongue out already.. as my Mom says.. "he's so ugly he's cute" :D Here is is...



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Yes, the bully world is a whole new world! Be careful though, people steal them quite often. Happened to me twice!

If you have any questions about the site, how it works, or anything at all- just ask! :)


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Welcome Lisa! Great profile picture you have there, glad you joined us. Looking forward to your bully experiences now that you have joined the bulldog lovers of the world!
Hello Lisa,

We also have a Shih Tzu that we walk every day, and we are also in the process of getting our first bully. How is the Shih Tzu handling the new family member?
Hello Lisa,

We also have a Shih Tzu that we walk every day, and we are also in the process of getting our first bully. How is the Shih Tzu handling the new family member? shih tzu is 8 years old and high strung, a "barker and a growler".. and he will snap at Chester because Chester wants every toy and every treat that he has. I think he's still wondering when someone will come get him and take him back where we got him from! ;) They've been together about 2 months now and they seem to be getting along better every day... but they still have their moments. Nothing bad. I think it's more an older dog/puppy kind of thing
awe he is so cute!!!! Welcome! I agree tho, be careful of someone stealing him. Hasnt happened to me thankfully but I am so overly cautous anyways. Hubby wont even let me walk the boys by myself. What a crazy world we live in! SAD!


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Chester is gorgeous! I just wanted to welcome you to the forum, I am new here also. My little girl Bertie just turned 13 weeks old yesterday. I love her so much! I have had bulldogs before, but never a puppy. So far, it's been an experience! I have wanted to get another English Bully since mine died. Jasper was 16, so he had a long and happy life. I wanted another, but with this economy I didn't want to spend the money for a puppy. Bertie kind of fell into my lap. Someone left her mother at the vets office for a c section and never returned for her or the puppies. I choose to believe it was a sign that it was meant to be!


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awe. he is so ugly he's cute! that's one of the 'beautiful' things about english bulldogs :D

welcome to the community and to the wonderful world of english bulldogs. they are the BEST breed of dogs in the world and we're not the least bit bias ;)


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