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May 5, 2010
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Can someone PLEASE tell O that this is not how elevated feeding is supposed to work!

She hasn't been throwing up as often after her meals since I put her bowl on top of a wine box. I've looked for an elevated slow feeder and have not found one..and the wine box works just as well, until she started doing this..

She usually just puts her front legs up...
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I was thinking about this yesterday. The elevated bowls I USED to have got toppled and destroyed.
love love love that girl. O can do no wrong. she is absolutely right and can do whatever she wants. sorry. :p
Put another sma;ller box ontop on the wine box and put her food on that. You can't take wine box away is it seems to now be her own personal feeding throne.
Realize ... Acknowledge ..... Accept ... the three levels of understanding that your bulldog is smarter than you .....
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] i used a flower pot holder to make a bootleg elevated feeder for butler. they come in different sizes so you can get one that works best for you and orion. bring your food bowl to home depot or lowes or whatever and make sure that it fits into the holder. the rim that holds the lip of the flower pot fits snugly around the food bowl. it's way less expensive than a feeder!

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