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Feb 25, 2011
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The Mr.Bill stuffed doll is one of Tate's favorite stuffies to snuggle and suckle on. When your bully bites down onhis belly, he says the famous line, "Oh No, Mr. Bill!" Although it may not be as tough as some other stuffed toys, it has provided many hours of fun and comfort to my boy since last Christmas. Keep in mind though, we have gone through about six Mr.Bills and I have had to mend a few of his arms and legs. I still recommend this toy for its cuteness and fun factor!

:up: I kept the sound box from HRH's Mr Bill that one of these days when I find a fabric I think will hold up she's gonna get a homemade ohhhhhh nooooooooo pillow.
I think I'll stick with the chicken and the hippo. lol A stuffie would last about a half minute between Zappa and Zamboni.

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