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Aug 23, 2010
Anyone else have a dog that goes completely nuts if they dont get there walk in?

Mack goes completely nuts if he doesn't get his. He is pretty much a spaz all day. Gets into things he knows he is not supposed to be into, doesn't listen worth a crap. Has a case of the zoomies pretty much all day.

The next day it takes two walks in to get him back to normal. One in the morning and one at night. I think he is just trying to make sure I get my exercise in lol. I have lost 15lbs since we got him! He is up to 3 miles for every walk before starts to slow him down at all.


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
Not my boys, sadly we dont walk them much but Cutty plays ball throughout the day so that is his exercise, even tho he could stand to get some more. ;)


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Aug 3, 2010
Back in July we went camping for a week and every evening at around 9pm we would all go for a walk around the campground. On the fifth night we were sitting around the campfire and all of the sudden Diesel jumped up onto the picnic bench and then tried to get on the table (he never jumps up on these things so I got very scared) do you know what he was after? His leash that we use to walk him was up there and it was 9:10. Time for our walk! To andwer your question, yes he needs his walks or he gets rambunctious.


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May 7, 2010
Southern California
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Not Samson. He is content all day just sitting in the house snoozing, chewing his bone or cuddling up with one of us. He enjoys a little walk but he isn't any different if he doesn't get one.

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