Kira's breeding is done. Waiting for colorful tris litter :)

Breeding was AI with fresh semen (not natural).

Originally I planned to breed her during summer, but our summer is going to be way too busy to take care of pups, so we decided to go ahead with the winter breeding instead. A year and a half is considered to be MOST optimal age for first breeding of females. Many reputable breeders feel that way and that breeding first time later may increase the need for C-section. I understand that there is a lot of opinions about the topic, so I would encourage to not make such black and white comments about it.

No, tri markings pose no health risks.
I keep forgetting she is and Olde English and they can breed earlier, free breed and free whelp. And I guess if she turned a year in October, she would be 17 months in March. It just made me a bit squeamish because my baby is still growing and just turned 2 years old. Good luck with your hobby. They will be beautiful puppies.
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Yes, she is olde and she was a year and two months old in October ;)

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