just some christmas pics, i thought i would share with it being lex's 1st christmas and all


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Aug 13, 2010
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lex 19 months
just some christmas pics...

i thought i would share with yall with it being lex's 1st christmas and all

Lex and his big sis maddy

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so both boys got this same toy. bo was so excited he wouldnt let us go near him and he had a death grip it...

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not even 5 mins later jeff goes to see what damage bo did (me hoping not to much) boy was i wrong!!!

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How sweet (the pic with maddy and bo with his toy).... not so much pic #3 LOLOLOLOLOL
this is why bo cant have any stuffed animals!!! i got them the one with no stuffing and you put a water bottle inside it. figured it would last, well longer than 5 mins, but no he proved me wrong once again lol... ya i got a cute one of lex giving maddy kisses but his face was blury
How do you keep Bo from getting Lex's toys? It looks like he has quite a few in that pic with Maddy.
Awwww... Maddy hugging Lex is so cute. Bet Lex loves every second of it. :)
All the photos were so cute .... except the last one I guess .... LOL
Bella is addicted to those water bottle toys. She now has a total of 5, we replace the water bottles often, but never the toy (knock on wood)

I love the pictures, thanks for sharing. You need to get some of those Tuffy Toys at CarolinaPetPantry. So far our gators have made it from October on.
i will have to try those from carolina petpantry thanks for the info. it took bo about 2 months to tear into the rubber tire toy at petsmart and the black kong took about a yr and he ripped hte top part of it off. anything else he gets ahold of doesnt last 5 mins we have to watch him around lex's stuffies

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