Jozi's New Food.


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Dec 19, 2010
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Jozi, Wales
So Jozi was running toward the bottom of her
bag of Iams puppy food. I thought it was a good
time to go ahead and put her on a better food.
After much much much much x 10 deliberation
I went with ToTW Sierra Mountain.

So tonight was her first feeding on it. I mixed
3/4 of her regular serving of Iams with 1/4 of
what ToTW called for. Also added canned
pumkin, a rounded teaspoon. The lady at the
pet supply store said this would help with the
transition to the new food. I had read about
a lot of you guys feeding pumpkin. But wasn't
really sure what it was for. She said it was full
of antioxidants, fiber, and will help coat her stomach.

It has not been 3 hours since her feeding
and she has had 2 bowel movements. I haven't
noticed any change in them. But I'm sure that
this isn't long enough to have much of an effect
anyway. We will see in the AM.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions please
feel free to send them my way. Thanks for reading
this. I will keep you posted as to her poo status
in the morning.
Glad to hear you're switching her over to a good food. I give my girls pumpkin a couple times a week and they really like it.
Well she has had three feedings of
ToTW now. As of lunch today we are up
to half Iams,and half ToTW with a
teaspoon of pumpkin. She is doing really
well it seems. Her poo is fine so far.

And she LOVES the pumpkin!!!
She tries to lick most of it off
before she starts eating the food.
When we transitioned Daddy off the food he was on at the rescue, and on to Fromm, we did it over a two week period. So my advice would be to really change Jozi's food slowly. We altered the amounts of bad food to Fromm once every 2-3 days.
We switched Brodie over 50/50 and too quick. Thank goodness he ended up being okay but had some poo issues for a couple of days. He and Lola are on Taste of the Wild and do good. We have had an issue with tear stains but they got alot of treats over the holidays and Brodie has not been on ToTW long. His poo and all is great. Lola has been on that since almost day 1 and we have been pleased...although she now has tear stains, but again treats and table food from family. I did not know about pumpkin but that sounds like something good to add so I am going to add that also. Giving them some yougurt too but only 1 heaping tablespoon now. Not really sure how much to give of that. Good luck with the switch.

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