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Mar 19, 2024
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Hi all
My Bulldog Bear is 11 months old and he has allergies that just popped up several months ago. I did the "5 strands" allergy test with his fur and it is determined that he's allergic to many things including salmon, chicken pork so I've had to switch food several times I had him on the signature salmon before I found out he was allergic to it now I have him on the venison signature but I just found out that it's grain free and my doctor says don't feed that to him. What I'm trying to find out is a limited ingredient food that has whole grains, that would include either venison kangaroo beef for turkey. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. He eats one and a half cups twice a day. I was thinking about the freeze dried, but that is way too much for my budget. Ps. my doctor said a lot of those tests that require a sample of fur can't always be reliable but it's just a base of the proteins usually of what he's allergic to.
Thanks much
...but I just found out that it's grain free and my doctor says don't feed that to him.
Feed the Zignature Venison to him if it works. Be advised that your Vet is uninformed. The "grain free" food DCM farce has been debunked and there is now a lawsuit over it and it's origin.
Grain Free Food Lawsuit
Open Farm with ancient grains has venison, beef and turkey. I feed this brand to my two girls and they both do very well on it. I don’t like grain free because they have too much peas/legumes for my liking.
If you want to stay with Zignature, they also have novel proteins and with Oats and Millet. I fed it for years with no problems at all.

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