Jozi and the Stair Case.


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Dec 19, 2010
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Jozi, Wales
Earlier I doing somethings around the
house.Then I start to hear Jozi cry. I call
for her nothing. Call again, nothing.

So I start looking in all the normal spot, still
nothing. Then finally she whines again sounds
like she is in the living room. Check there again
nothing. And I look to the top of the stairs and
what do I find?




She can't get down now. So we have been running up
and down the stairs all day. Well at least she
runs up and I have to go get her down.
Aaawww that is cute!

And I would keep going to get her down yourself and not encourage her to come down by herself. I'm probably over-cautious but Maggie fell down the stairs after she'd only been with us for 2 weeks and broke the elbow of her front leg. :*( I still catch my breath whenever I have to follow her downstairs, because I like to have her behind me.
too cute! Guinness isn't going upstairs yet...kinda happy bout that cause then she would be in the bedroom and 10x harder keeping my gf from bringing him into bed
[MENTION=1621]bfletch13[/MENTION] - That is too cute. You've got a brave and adventurous one there!

[MENTION=925]wfd38383[/MENTION] - Stiggy used to sleep in his crate when we first got him too. Wanted to train him that he can consider that his safe place. After a month, my bf and I started sleeping in the living room to spend more time with him. But he still goes voluntarily and enthusiastically to his crate when he knows we're going out.
Super cute!! They always seem to learn to go up before they learn to come down. Pretty soon she'll be charging up and down, then LOOK OUT!!
SHe looks like a little statue in those pictures. So adorable!
awww poor Jozi is scared to try it. Wait till her legs are a little longer and she does the piggy dart runs down the stairs. get the video prepared!!
[MENTION=676]mammyglicks[/MENTION] I'm ready I just got it out and
charged up. She finally came down and she
just stuck her front paws out and used her
back legs to control the belly slide. It was
so funny.
That is just too cute! It is baffeling when you hear them whining and can't find them trust me I know, I have been there!
That is too cute! Those staris look awfully big when you are that small! Sometimes I wonder what they see. Lola gets freaked out when we go to pull something out of the closest and she has never seen it so I wonder what does she think it is...and it can be a coat on a hanger. I would love to look thru their eyes one day.
[MENTION=1505]2bulliefamily[/MENTION] I'm sure when we get in our closet
Jozi thinks how much :poo: do they have? Cause I
know that is what I think.
That is soooo cute. She looks confused and perplexed! Help me she says!

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