It was a LONG but happy night!!


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Nov 16, 2012
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We had a long restless night, but by 4 am, I think Bogey got the hang of the crate!! He screeched and cried at first, but I let him really go at it ( hopefully our neighbors won't complain). Once he settled down, I. Could see that he was not sleepy, and very restless. Of course I let him fuss for so long, it was time to go out and pee! So, when he wasn't crying, but I knew it was time to go, and I would take him out, (he peed EVERYTIME outside) and then it was a new round of crate and crying etc.. So at 1:30 am I brought him in from potty, and cuddled with him. He fell asleep almost immediately, and I was able to put him in the crate. He woke up, but went right off!:D However, 4 am, I heard him stirring, so I got him up to go out. This time, he thought it was playtime! I let him howl awhile, but he was not settling down. When I had the chance when he was quiet, I took him out to cuddle, he fell right asleep. Back in the crate, and this time, he wasn't settling down. So, I went over to the crate and sat down beside it and talked softly to him. Before I knew it he was sleeping. It is now 6:30 and he is still sleeping! I on the other hand will be a walking zombie today! But this is sooooo worth it!!!:tongue: Life is good!!!:2thumbs:
oh I remember those long nights with a new baby!!! Enjoy him while he's little. I look at my boys' baby pics and wish they were little like that again. You are doing the right and not caving in to his cries.
There is hope! Cleo has loved her crate from the moment we brought her home. She looked at it like 'it's all MINE??!' Mac took some getting used to it and whooped and hollered for 3 nights before he understood that it was only for sleeping and mommy would wake up and get him in the morning. Hang in there and congrats.
Fight the urge, take it from a Mommy of an almost eleven month old spoiled rotten baby who cries at night. Keep strong, and stay the course, I wished I had...
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Remember - TAKE NAPS on the days you can, just like you would with a human baby. :babysleep::night:Zzzz
it might help a little to put something in the crate with your scent on it. We were zombies the first couple of weeks, but she has adjusted very nicely.
Sounds like he will have you trained in no time at all! Good job Little Bogey!!! ;)
He will be sleeping through the night before you know it, someone else mentioned it too but we used to put one of my undershirts wrapped around an old clock that ticked at night with Bacon and it seemed to help. The blanket over the crate helped too.
Just dont make the same mistake I did and fall into temptation of letting him come sleep in your bed with you!!!! I did that one night and woke up to Izzy wetting my bed! At first it felt perfect to be able to cuddle with my baby in bed and she was sleeping like an angel but few minutes later she squats and BOOM! Comforter, bed sheet, and mattress cover all wet by my little girl!!!!!
It is a long process but it is so worth it! Pretty soon he will be loving his crate and look forward to going in it!
Right now, there are two snoring snoozers sawing logs in their respective crates. The love their little "dens". Bea is the first pup I ever crate trained and boy, do I feel like an idiot for not doing it BEFORE! So many great reasons to effectively crate train.
aw sounds like he is settling in just fine and yes he will train you lol. cant wait to see pics of the little guy. :2thumbs:
You will probably already notice how fast they learn!! Glad to hear you are loving the sleepless nights. Hope you get a few naps this weekend!

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